Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle!

Thank God I had the foresight to bring Yard Sale Buddy with me. Yesterday this woman called the shop and asked if I would be interested in buying some things. She was pretty cagey about what exactly these things might be but my curiosity was piqued so I set up an appointment to see her this morning. After I hung up I got the feeling we might be going into what we called a "Two Man Area" when I worked at the Phone Company so I enlisted Yard Sale Buddy as backup.

(Insert Law & Order theme song here: "Dun-Dun".) We roll into the Complex and this woman is sitting on the stoop outside her building and leads us into the hallway of the unit where she had set up some tables and boxes. It was creepy enough before she started giving out WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION so I turned on the White Noise Machine in my head and Oh My God! I missed some juicy stuff but fortunately Yard Sale Buddy was listening with keen interest while I fretted about the Dude I saw casing my Jeep when we pulled up to this joint.

We escaped unharmed, the lady was actually very nice it was probably Salvage Chick's imagination Running Wild, and we got GREAT STUFF so stop into Salvage Chic this weekend and see What's New!!

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