Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Press Release

Tabloid Headlines scream "Salvage Chick has sunken to an all time low" this week with allusions to behavior that would make Lindsay Lohan look like a choir girl.

Salvage Chick has acknowledged that she is seeking help from a treatment program to help her deal with some 'job-related stress'. Her publicist denied comment and requested that we respect the privacy of Salvage Chick and her family at this difficult time.

Alcohol Abuse? Excessive Cheesecake Consumption? What type of self-destructive behavior has finally spiralled out of control, causing Salvage Chick's family to enlist the help of A&E's Intervention program?

Brace yourself. Salvage Chick... picked... YARD SALE BUDDY'S TRASH!!

While we wish Salvage Chick a speedy recovery, we can't help but fear - this could be more career-damaging than Angelina Jolie kissing her brother was.

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