Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Apparently no one but my cat Slash, because who's going to want to eat off of my new vintage tablecloth after he gets done shedding on it? I should know better than to set a table next to a nice warm woodstove.

Wednesday was my Birthday and Kenny took the day off from work to take me Antiquing, or as I like to call it, "Market Research". We headed off to some Undisclosed Locations to check out the competition, I mean, Buy Me a Birthday Present.
I had been looking forward to this outing for a while and was totally bummed out to be both underwhelmed by the merchandise and overwhelmed by the prices. For example in one Antique Mall, it seemed every vendor had one boring piece of crackled Pilgrim Art Glass for sale at $18. Meanwhile, we have this stunning selection of the same at Salvage Chic for $6 each.

I mentioned this to Kenny and he was all "SEE why I never try to buy you anything vintage? It's like trying to make a movie for Steven Spielberg. He'd just do it better no matter how much I spent." SIGH.

I DID manage to find enough Christmas Presents to cross about 4 people off my list, but still was woefully empty handed on the Birthday Front as I approached the last booth and thought, There BETTER be something here for me. Sure enough, I found these awesome Vintage Vera Neumann Christmas Napkins, and a matching tablecloth. $45... WAY MORE than I would normally pay for something like this but after all, it was my Birthday. Now if I could just keep the #!@&*% CAT off of them!!