Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Wheels Just Keep on Turning

as the Contest Deadline for cool junk projects to be featured in the Country Home Magazine fast approaches. You know how I love free publicity... well my Mom and I scored some awesome old baby buggy wheels yesterday and knowing this type of ingredient is right up the JunkMarket Gals' alley, I was anxious to create. We showed the wheels to Yard Sale Buddy and he agreed we could find some sort of axle to thread through them and have a 4 tier revolving display rack. I wasn't so sure we could find this axle by March 3rd... and Impatience is my middle name so we started poking around the shop looking for things to attach a wheel to. About an hour later after much trial and tribulation, not to mention the BFI factor (my husband's abbreviation for "Brute Force and Ignorance") we had managed to wedge a buggy wheel onto a wheel barrow wheel atop an upside-down piano stool and VOILA! The junkiest revolving display rack EVER. (*Note to self: Next Time use Protective Eye Goggles...)

Calm, Cool and Collected

That was my demeanor today when Yard Sale Buddy called me up and said "I was thinking, that cabinet I told you I would pick up for you today? How about I go get it tomorrow, I have to go to the dentist and I am going to be over that way anyway, no sense making a special trip..." Granted at first I was aggravated because he had said to call him first thing when I got to the shop to give him the information about picking it up, and I had been trying him for an hour and a half; usually when this happens and I finally get a hold of him it's "Oh, I'm over at Amvets in Brockton, since I didn't hear from you..." He seems to have selective hearing when it comes to his cell phone ringing. Anyway back to today, my first reaction was disappointment more than annoyance but I decided not to let it show, after all gas is awfully expensive these days and when I told him about the cabinet he could have said "Good score, have fun picking it up... YOURSELF." Now I should have known something was up because he called me right back asking are you sure it's OK, are you sure you're not mad, etc? "Of course not!" 5 minutes after the last phone call I heard the rumble of the Chevy's twin tailpipes and I stood up to look out the door. Lo and behold, the truck cap was up and there was my cabinet in all its beadboard glory. I ran outside and met Yard Sale Buddy with a huge grin. That's when he told me he was playing a joke, trying to get me all riled up so I'd say "Forget it, I'll get it myself since I can't depend on you!" and then feel like a REAL HEEL when he showed up with it. "Oh," I said, "Good thing I am not a raving lunatic." and you know what he replied, with a snort? "TODAY."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Buyer Beware

or more appropriately, Proprietor Around the Corner, Beware! Especially when you complain that I haven't been blogging enough. This tasty little tidbit came my way today via email... I had contacted a longtime client about a lot of 1980's 45 RPMs I recently acquired, and mentioned it would be worth his while to make the trip to Bryantville because there are also some nice 45's over at Never Open. His response? "Also, how many 45's does that Mack dude have? I am a little bit leary of him, because I bought some eight tracks from him once and I lost 5 bucks." That was too good not to share. Hey what's a little bad publicity in exchange for making a sale for him, while he's Not Even Open!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To...

Salvage Chick! For her heartfelt delivery of the news that she was going to blog more often in the New Year. Yup, that resolution went right out the window along with the one to lose 10 lbs. Unfortunately her vintage Versace tracksuit was not delivered in time for her to make it to the Red Carpet; too bad, because she was all decked out in jewels by Yard Sale Buddy. Harry Winston has nothing on him!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is it a Full Moon?

Or was I just cranky because my fussy sock puppet puppy woke me up at 6AM. He is getting too big to resemble a sock puppet but I swear if he could sing he would be crooning "Down at Fraggle Rock!" Anyway I started the day off in a semi-foul mood and it got no better when this joker I agreed to sell some things on eBay for showed up disgruntled that he was only getting 50% of the sales. Hmmm what part of "I'll list it and split the proceeds with you" did he not understand? So it reminded me of this conversation I had with my mom once where I related a story about telling someone they could kiss my arse and she added "yeah, in Filene's window on Dollar Day!" I told that to Yard Sale Buddy and he LOVED it, adopted it, and made it his own. That's why I think it must be a full moon; he had his own run-in with someone today. And he called me up, and said "He can kiss my arse, at Macy's on Thanksgiving. At the parade." Whatever, A for effort, right?