Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Apparently no one but my cat Slash, because who's going to want to eat off of my new vintage tablecloth after he gets done shedding on it? I should know better than to set a table next to a nice warm woodstove.

Wednesday was my Birthday and Kenny took the day off from work to take me Antiquing, or as I like to call it, "Market Research". We headed off to some Undisclosed Locations to check out the competition, I mean, Buy Me a Birthday Present.
I had been looking forward to this outing for a while and was totally bummed out to be both underwhelmed by the merchandise and overwhelmed by the prices. For example in one Antique Mall, it seemed every vendor had one boring piece of crackled Pilgrim Art Glass for sale at $18. Meanwhile, we have this stunning selection of the same at Salvage Chic for $6 each.

I mentioned this to Kenny and he was all "SEE why I never try to buy you anything vintage? It's like trying to make a movie for Steven Spielberg. He'd just do it better no matter how much I spent." SIGH.

I DID manage to find enough Christmas Presents to cross about 4 people off my list, but still was woefully empty handed on the Birthday Front as I approached the last booth and thought, There BETTER be something here for me. Sure enough, I found these awesome Vintage Vera Neumann Christmas Napkins, and a matching tablecloth. $45... WAY MORE than I would normally pay for something like this but after all, it was my Birthday. Now if I could just keep the #!@&*% CAT off of them!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wreath-Making 101

Sunday morning started off quietly at the shop so I decided to reward myself with a little glue gun therapy for having survived The-Most-Hectic-Saturday-EVER. I don't know why, but there's something mind-numbingly soothing about gluing sh*t onto a wreath. Not to put Xanax out of business or anything, but I thought I'd share the process with those of you who might need a prescription for some holiday fun.

Start by finding a location to hang the wreath that's close to an outlet to plug your glue gun into and a table or counter or something to put your stuff on. Mine just happens to be hanging over the fire extinguisher in the back room, that's not really a requirement but it did come in handy that one time... OK, you know what, you should definitely hang it over a fire extinguisher.

Here's where I act all organized enough to have actually compiled all of my ingredients ahead of time. I do recommend that you do that, but normally I seem to be rooting through 16 boxes of Ornamental Christmas Crap with one hand while dripping hot glue on myself with the other.

I generally start with a "centerpiece" and some large related ornaments spread in a somewhat orderly fashion around the wreath.

Then I get bored with the basic ornaments and start adding more interesting pieces.

Before I get to the next step MAKE SURE you have a pencil or stick or some other foreign body to poke & tuck the filler elements into the wreath. Otherwise I guarantee you are instinctively going to use your finger instead and there is a 99% chance you will come in contact with the hot glue. If this happens, just remember that the word to scream is "FUDGE!" Especially if there happen to be small children nearby.

Now for the fun part, I just keep willy-nilly adding whatever catches my fancy.

Eventually my gut, or more often Claudia, will tell me that I'm done before it goes too-over-the-top.

The last step is naming my creation. I like to keep the titles playful yet relevant. This wreath has a lot of tacky elements in it but the red velvet gives it some richness, so I'm calling it "Velveeta". Because it's kinda cheesy - but I secretly like it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fa La La La La...

Fa Fa Fa FFFFFFFFFF... I'll let you guess what I was trying NOT to say when I overheard two women in the shop last week: "Never mind painting it to look OLD, why don't they just paint it to look GOOD?" Umm, yeah. I strive really hard for Salvage Chic not to be one of those achingly quiet shops where you feel like you have to whisper for fear the meddling shopowner is listening to your every word. Really, I have better things to do than eavesdrop. But in this particular case they were like 3 feet away from me and I wanted to say "HELLOOO? I'm right HERE!" What is wrong with people? I go into lots of antique/vintage shops where I think "GAG ME with the mahogany" or "Are they KIDDING me with these prices?" but I generally keep these comments to myself and just breeze out if it's not for me. You would not believe the stuff people say! I might have to make this a weekly feature.

Oh yeah, and just for the record... it WAS authentically old crackled paint; and it SOLD in about 2 days. I'm glad SOMEONE shares my horrible taste in furniture finishes.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I've Got a Bone to Pick

But then again, don't I always? Ha Ha.

Several people have actually asked me if these bones are REAL.

UMMM... Yeah they are, let me know if you're going to buy them so I can go rob another grave. Why do they cost 25 bucks? Well, that includes the vintage crate they are nestled in, and do you know what a bitch it is to boil the flesh off of a skeleton?

Seriously, People! I mean I'll float a doll head in a jar of fake formaldehyde (see Previous Post) but I'm pretty above selling actual human remains. And not just because there are laws against things like that; I tried it once and it totally stank up the shop. (YES I AM KIDDING!!)

Do you think I need a sign that says "No bodies were harmed in the making of this STYROFOAM skeleton"?!?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Scary Stuff

More from the "SERIOUSLY?" Files... I swear I should just rename this blog "Seriously?"

I can't even imagine what 'real' celebrities have to put up with in the way of bizarre unsolicited feedback, but I'm pretty sure they must all have a really thick skin, which I am trying desperately to grow. I have been getting a great deal of shall we say, unsavory emails, regarding our creepy campy Halloween decorations made out of doll parts.

Maybe it's unfortunate I grew up in an unpolitically correct time (not that long ago!) when Halloween meant guys with their head sewn on with thumbtack looking bolts out of the sides (Frankenstein, anyone?) and skeletons did not offend everyone who happened to have a dead relative.

So I was overjoyed when Claudia kicked off the fall season with a few ghoulish creations she made out of doll parts she's been saving all year.

Come on now, do you look at these and think "ooh this woman worships Jeffrey Dahmer, damn her and her shop to hell!" Or do you think, dang that would make an awesome decoration at my Halloween Party. Honestly, you don't have to embrace it; People have, and excitedly bought these 3; but I understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea. You might think it's in poor taste, that's OK. I can appreciate that. I respect people's opinions and moral and religious views. But I think sending me emails saying 'stop with the creepy doll creations they are too evocative of dead babies' is a little over the top. You might want to find a clinic to picket instead.

I'd say 9 out of 10 people have given us rave reviews on these items; even if it's "I love that, I wish I could buy it but it would freak my kids out" I consider it a positive. But, let's see, just the other day there was one guy declaring to his wife "I don't consider THAT Art, that's disgusting." I wish I thought to tell him if it were really meant to be ART the prices would be a LOT SCARIER.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Sad Tale

Warning: Extreme Tearjerker.

A funny thing happens when you share your life on a Blog and it develops a following; people start to feel like they know you and are a part of your extended family. (Reference: anytime Kenny makes an appearance at the shop he's invariably met with a stranger saying "Hi Kenny!" accompanied by a look that says "you poor hen-pecked schmuck" while he innocently wonders, do I KNOW you? Poor Kenny.

And it's not uncommon for folks to ask me "How are your dogs?" A question which has had me for the past few weeks choking back the right response. So it's with a sad heart that I let you Dear Readers know that we lost our Izzy last week. Dog Cancer sucks.

Now that you've got your Kleenex out let's take a moment to remember some of the highlights of Izzy's life. She was only six but she packed a LOT of living into those years.

We adopted Izzy while on our honeymoon in Maine in 2005. Whenever I feel the need to point out that Maine was a lame-ass honeymoon destination, I remind myself that's where we got Izzy.

We were dead set on getting a dog on our honeymoon because we had lost our late great dog Shane a few months before the wedding. Kenny narrowed it down to three dogs at the shelter: one labeled "FEAR BITER", the second "Food Agression" and the third... a goofy-looking brindle Plott Hound named Chanel. This 'busy bee' with a 'melodious bay' had already been returned once to the shelter; we couldn't imagine why.

She didn't know the name Chanel and in keeping with naming all of our animals after members of the band Guns & Roses (Kenny!), we christened her Izzy and took her home to meet her new cat siblings Axl & Slash. On first introduction there was a bit of a scuffle and we ran into the house only to find 70-pound Izzy... standing on our dining room table.

Izzy was skinny and all legs and her exuberant style of running around the yard came to be known as 'spizzing'. She was a dog of many nicknames, and she responded to them all. You may know her by her gangsta rap name "Notorious S.P.I.Z." She won a Dog Grammy for the hit single "As Brindle as I Wanna Be".

Before opening Salvage Chic I spent many years in corporate hell as a project manager and contract negotiator. One day in the home office I was on a particularly hellish call when Izzy slunk by with one of my wedding shoes in her mouth. I wish I could remember which company's CTO got an earful of "IZZY!" because I sure as hell didn't have my headset muted.

The first time she howled I thought there was an ambulance in my backyard.

Once while loading groceries into my Jeep at Stop & Shop about a half mile away, I distinctly heard her howling all the way from my house. No wonder our neighbors never invite us over for dinner.

Weird things Izzy ate: 2 Netflix DVDs. Had to email them and they didn't take it well.

I know these stories about Izzy are starting to make that Marley & Me dog look like a martyr; but really Izzy turned out to be such a nice dog. The day we installed our fence was the day we realized "A TIRED dog is a GOOD dog."

In fact, we should call her Saint Izzy because she spent the last three years of her life with her menacing brother Duff's mouth around her neck, and never lashed out.

She loved her kiddie pool.

She liked to sleep in one of our spare bedrooms under the mattress pad. She would dig at it until the elastic pulled up and then cocoon herself snug as a bug in a rug. It totally stressed me out thinking of a dog on top of an undressed mattress but still I let her do it, it was too funny to hear her 'unmaking' the bed with snarfing sounds of joy.

More from the nickname files: We called her Bronwyn, because she was the Brown One; which morphed into Bronwinnie and then just Winnie. Every morning when I went to check on her under her mattress pad, I serenaded her with "Winnie in her Nest" (to the tune of Benny & the Jets... yeah, I know I'm queer. but it got a lot of tail wags.)

If you've read this far, you're surely a dog lover, and I thank you. Rest in peace my sweet Bronwinnie, I hope the mattress pad in heaven is snug.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trench Warfare

Ah, the signs of fall are upon us. Went to pickup my share from the farm on Friday; because of the heat this summer they've been a few weeks ahead of harvest schedule and thus, this week I received a bounty of winter squashes and pumpkins. Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate so I was shivering with joy as I rooted in the binful of Hubbard Squash (the green one in the photo). I guess all of the co-op members have been inquiring as to how to prepare this baby in the culinary sense so the woman on hand started volunteering cooking information to me. I smiled and nodded because she was just trying to be helpful but all I could think was "COOK it? I just want to DECORATE with it." and proceeded to analyze all from a visually-pleasing perspective.

Got home with my bounty and after I unloaded all of the tomatoes, cukes & corn into the fridge I unearthed these babies and Kenny asked "What are you going to do with THOSE?" I have been getting ultra creative with the veggies this summer in an effort to use them all up and he probably feared Pumpkin Protein Shakes were in his future. "Nothing, I'll just put them on the Trencher", I casually replied; and then left him to wonder what Kitchen-Aid appliance known as a Trencher came into the house under his radar. He was nervously scanning the counter-tops while I went and dug out THIS baby:

Here's where I have to admit once more to my little problem habit of adopting Jack's items from the shop to 'try out at home' before I buy them. This trencher's been on my table, off my table, think I like it, maybe should sell it, OH let's just see how it looks in the Fall. (Sorry, Jack...) It's a Keeper.

Once Kenny realized I hadn't snuck a small kitchen appliance in on his watch, he ambled into the dining room where I ranted "Don't you just LOVE it? Doesn't it look SO good? Aren't you amazed I came home with random vegetables from the farm and then WHAM BAM we have a new tablescape?" Deadpan response: "Yeah. I'm just surprised you don't have a color-coordinating computer mouse you swap out with the seasons." HMMM... I think he's on to something there!! I left the mouse on the table when I took the photo so you guys could see; wouldn't a burnt orange one be nice?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When Good Furniture Goes Bad

It can turn on you at any given moment, even when you've raised it from infancy.

A friend of mine's parents are downsizing and she asked me if I could sell a few pieces of furniture for them that they didn't want to let go at yard sale prices. Sure! I said; Bring whatever you have... knowing that this family has impeccable taste in the spirit of Salvage Chic.

She arrived a few days later with some fabulous items and this old gossip bench that looked great at first glance but on further inspection, it had some issues. I guess they used it on their porch and there were some spots where the black paint had flaked off revealing pink underneath. It just didn't look right and I was about to say something when I realized - DOH! Her mom bought that piece from ME a few years ago! So much for that paint that was billed as one-coat-everlasting-coverage.

The bench landed in the shop's back room and sat there for a few days like that
Elephant In The Room that no one wants to talk about. I was vaguely toying with the idea of trying to find a fabric that would complement the black and pink to recover the seat with when Jack showed up with another needy piece of furniture and broke out his trusty sander.

For those of you who don't know Jack, he's like the Furniture Whisperer when it comes to painting and distressing; he can take the ugliest duckling and make it beautiful. So I said "While you're out here..." and brought him him my Problem Pet Bench which he started lovingly kissing with his sander. A smidge here, a smidge there, more little hints of pink started appearing. Still, it was not looking right to me and Queen of Impatience that I am, in a moment of madness I grabbed the sander from him. 10 seconds later I was past the point of no return and it was NOT GOOD.

I stood back, frowning, with my fist tucked under my chin like Tim Gunn from Project Runway, trying to find a nice way to say "This looks like s**t." Ever the optimist, Jack said "I don't know, it looks kind of like..." He struggled for words. "What, Jack, like someone tried to forcefeed a hyena Pepto Bismol and things ended badly???" Ummm... yeah. SIGH. Off to find some black paint.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Here Comes the Sideboard...

All Dressed in White... Dum Dum da Dum da da Dum da da DUM DUM DUM...

Sadly, I have no picture of this awesome antique white sideboard I saw yesterday at My Husband's Cousin's Wedding; If I did it would be a REALLY GOOD Blog. But I thought you guys would get a kick out of the fact that I the Mad Antiquer was at this wedding, everyone was gathered around watching the bride and groom have their first dance, and then the bride dancing with her dad, which ALWAYS brings a tear to my eye even if I don't know the couple or dad in question... when Kenny turned to me with a smile. I know he was thinking 'She's so cute, she always cries at weddings, even on TV..." but I made the mistake of whispering "LOOK at that SIDEBOARD!" Credit to my Husband, he did say "You're so cute." Then he turned back to watch the real festivities. My sister-in-law was like "What's the Matter?" because I was all teary-eyed and he said "Nothing; She's just in love with that sideboard." Meanwhile I was trying to justify myself. "Really! That is Real-Deal old Antiqued White, not something made to look old. I would LOVE to have that for sale at the shop!" SIGH. I am such a loser. I kept meaning to go and snap a picture of it but I forgot until we were leaving. "Go Ahead!" said Kenny, my ever-enabling spouse but I felt like kind of a jerk. "Excuse me, bride on the dance floor, can you step aside so I can get a shot of that sideboard?" Um, yeah. even I wouldn't do THAT!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Slippery Slope

That being the scary stairs that lead down to the cellar in my 175 year old home:

Which, more often than not, I blindly descend carrying a mountain of laundry when what to my wondering feet should appear but...

My Brother-in-Law visited last week and got a special kick out of seeing THIS sign on the door to the cellar:

I felt a little bad because I know Kenny tries to be a role model to his younger brothers so I thought I had removed all evidence that he can be kind of an idiot. (There WAS a companion sign on the dishwasher that read "Insert Dirty Dishes Here, but luckily I got to that in time.)

Then I got to thinking, maybe there is a market for this kind of thing. Does anyone else need signs like this? I could totally make more and sell them at Salvage Chic. Hand-written, of course, so they'd be somewhat of a collectible. I could even tea-dye the paper, so it looks nice and vintage in your Country Primitive home. Hell, someone donate me a new Sharpie and I'll even make you one for free.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In a Pickle

A kind reader just pointed out that I haven't blogged ONCE in July and I better do it fast before I break my record of having blogged at least once a month since I started the Blog a few years ago!! OMG no wonder no one is reading anymore. What the heck have I been doing with my time?? I had to do a Mental Rewind to see where the last month has gone...

For one, I joined a Farm Co-op this year where you invest a sum of money before the growing season for the farmer to invest in seeds, and in exchange you get a load of produce each week. I've been up to my eyeballs in vegetables and creative ways to cook them. The good news is, my husband and I have both gone down a pant size since we started 8 weeks ago; the bad news is, I think I'm going to turn into a summer squash. Here's a photo of last week's bounty:

Another upside of being a Farm Shareholder is you get to buy in bulk at wholesale prices, so I got the bright idea that I should buy half a bushel of pickling cucumbers for my father-in-law to turn into his famous bread and butter pickles. I should mention that cooking is my favorite hobby after Junk-tiquing and I've always wanted to learn canning but for some reason the whole process intimidated the bejeezus out of me. Meanwhile I have this father-in-law that won what equates to a Lifetime Achievement Award for canning last year from the Marshfield Fair/Agricultural Hall. Seriously this award is so prestigious they don't give it out every year but just when they find someone WORTHY, and I think he was the 2nd person ever to win it.

So I ordered the aforementioned pickling cukes and he was happy to turn them into pickles for me, but I thought it would be nice to actually see how they were made which brings us to yesterday. "I'll just dash these cukes over to FIL and watch the process then get on with my day..." Yeah, RIGHT! We sliced up all these puppies and set them to soak in the sink with salt and ice:

At this point I figured they needed to rest for a while and asked how long, he said about 3 hours and just when I thought Perfect! Here's my out, I'll run along and let him finish them! He said "But you'd be surprised, by the time we finish everything else it will be time to preserve them." OOPS. I forgot you have to sterilize the jars, make the pickling brine, bring the water bath to boil... sure enough, by the time we got all that done it was time to can! 4 hours after I arrived, we were left with 16 quarts of pickles.

The funny thing is, when he first asked whether I wanted to do up quarts or pints, I was all "Oh definitely some pints, I'd like to give some away to friends & family..." When we were done, FIL mentioned that my brother and sister-in-law would probably like some. After all the Time and Sweat Equity involved (did I mention how HOT it was slaving over that stove?) My Response? #!$*@! THEM! They can make their OWN pickles.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping My Cool

By now you Regular Readers know that much like the shop itself, this Blog is not just about things Antique but also things Unique, pretty much anything Cool & Unusual that catches my eye. Random, even. My Husband had mentioned he installed a small air conditioner in our dog Izzy's bedroom which she graciously allows him to use as his Home Office. The other night I was tucking her in when what to my wondering eyes should appear but THIS!

Nice touch Kenny, trying to hide this buggery by closing the curtains partway... But let's just zoom in a little closer Dear Readers and you can insert your own four-letter-word after WHAT THE?

In case any of you run into problems installing your own Air Conditioner, apparently shoving a T-Shirt, a pair of jeans, a Cisco Networking Professional Self-Study Book, 2 shutter slats and a pair of Dockers underneath it will fix them. Just so you know. No wonder Kenny won that "Best Troubleshooter" Award at the Company Christmas Party; and no wonder he's always complaining he has nothing to wear, LOL.

I'm REALLY not trying to get cheap laughs at my Husband's expense... I'm just hoping my Handy Father-in-Law will read this and come to my rescue!! Meanwhile, I'm cool with it. Seriously.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Normally I try to keep the real venting to a minimum here but sometimes the SERIOUSLY? File in my brain gets way too full and I'm afraid I'm going to implode. So for the readers who like the snarky side of me, today is your Lucky Day!! First of all, let me just say it bugs the heck out me when someone walks into the shop and immediately screams HELLO? if they are not greeted within 1.2 milliseconds. I don't know why people treat antique stores differently then they would any business but seriously, Salvage Chic is over 2000 square feet and generally staffed by one person. Try walking into Jordan's Furniture and screaming HELLO? if Barry & Elliott don't immediately greet you; I'm pretty sure you'll look a little foolish.

Now, before you start thinking I'm a total jerk, I should mention that 10 times out of 10 when people come in and scream HELLO, it is followed by some really inane request. Like, "Those buoys that you have out front for $15 each, would you sell THREE for $15?" Ummm... No. "NO?" (incredulously) So incredulously, I felt like I needed to justify myself by saying that I probably paid more than that for them. "really? That's less than what you PAID for them? Do you mind if I ask where you GOT them?" Sure, we got them at an auction. "I see, really, and you can't sell 3 for $15, do you mind if I ask what you DID pay for them?" SERIOUSLY!! SERIOUSLY!! YES I DO MIND!! I mean, I'm all for haggling when I'm at a flea market or yard sale; but I would never insult someone with an actual business by offering them 1/3 of what they were asking and then act as if I were ENTITLED to it when they said no. Not even if I were in one of those antique shops that doesn't turn the heat on and gives you your stuff in their used grocery bags. I wanted to say "Hold On, let me call my landlord and see if he'll give me 3 months rent for the price of 1; and then negotiate 67% off of my telephone, internet and electric bills. You think the IRS would mind taxing me at 14% instead of 42% this quarter? Meanwhile why don't you go across the street to Cumby's and offer them 85 cents a gallon for gas and watch them laugh at you."

But I didn't. I decided the best way to end the conversation was to just re-state "The price of the buoys is $15 each." She left in a huff anyway; I guess I could've vented after all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get the Flock Out of Here!

Claudia showed up this weekend with a complete Flock of Pink Flamingos and proceeded to cram them all into the old washing machine out front. They looked Wicked Cool but I was like, are you sure you want to do that? I mean we've been really lucky no one's ever taken anything off the sidewalk but I'm pretty sure if you look up "Things Screaming to be Stolen by Pranksters", you'll find this picture:

I had brief thoughts of being called on my day off and reprimanded by the Pembroke Police for aiding and abetting criminals who might wish to defile town properties with tacky lawn ornaments. Either that or my usually lenient Landlord calling to say "What the FLOCK is with the FLAMINGOS?!?"

Fast forward to today; I opened the shop back up and went out to hang the flags, pleasantly surprised to see the gaggle of flamingos intact. No sooner had I opened than a woman arrived and asked How Much for the Flamingos? "$6 each", I replied. Hmph I thought maybe that was too much since she didn't bite right away but a little while later she asked "What if I buy 12?" Ah, YEAH, I can definitely give you a better price... she and her daughter happily scooped 12 up to use as favors for a 6th birthday party.

They had barely pulled out of the parking lot when a gentleman came in and asked How Much for the Flamingos? $6 bucks... I'll take one! And as I was counting out his change he said You Know What? I Better Get Two. The screen door hadn't yet smacked upon his departure when all of a sudden in bounded another woman. Claudia saw her in the parking lot and jokingly whispered to me "how much for the flamingos?" and sure enough, the woman exclaimed "HOW MUCH FOR THE FLAMINGOS?" We about died laughing. She scampered off with two and we realized we only had four left! Make that two... you know I can't resist a kitschy garden decoration.

The other two flamingos sold within the hour to two other women who were just so delighted to hear how popular they had been, they had to have one. I only wish I had more as all day people were clamoring in saying "I saw some flamingos out front yesterday?" Sorry... All Gone!

File this under Things I Didn't Think Would Sell... or at least so quickly!!

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's Blog: When Coonhounds Meet Flamingos. My money's on Izzy but I think the flamingos might get the better of Duff.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chip Off the Old Block

I was at my parents' house in Boston last week meeting up with my Mom to do some Junk-tiquing. No sooner had we left the house then something caught my eye. "What's THAT?" I inquired excitedly, honing in on what promised to be the Find of the Day. "Oh... THAT. We had our chimney cap replaced yesterday and Your Father saved that for you." I could tell by the way she said it she was thinking Canyoubelievehethinksyouwouldwantthat... Um, YEAH!! It is awesome. I was so touched my Dad would see a broken piece of sooty terra cotta chimney and think of me!! (Wouldn't you be?)

So here it is in my garden and I'll leave you with some other cool elements I've worked in this spring. Now before you go thinking "Gag me, she keeps all the GOOD STUFF for herself!" I assure you, some of this stuff was for sale FOREVER at Salvage Chic and then I couldn't even get rid of it at my Yard Sale. I mean, how long did that Brown Dog sit around before I finally took pity on it and took it home? (OK, I may be exaggerating here... but a few things WERE at the shop, I swear...) Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Calling Mary Tyler Moore

plus Jackie O, June Cleaver, Betty Draper and everyone who longs to recreate the wardrobe of these fashion icons! Announcing FASHION WEEK at Salvage Chic, we're we'll unveil a ton of FRESH TO THE MARKET 1950's & 60's clothing & costume jewelry, shoes & accessories. Saturday & Sunday, 5/15 & 5/16, 10AM-5PM. TWO DAYS ONLY and then it disappears. BE THERE or be... caught wearing modern clothing that tries to imitate these fabulous things.
Over 100 garments and 300+ pieces of jewelry. An Event not to be missed!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I the Only One who gets excited about things like this??

Probably Not.

Am I the Only One who wants to take the whole thing home and use it as a centerpiece on the dining room table?


Monday, April 12, 2010

Kenny and Chris, Plus Six

Thursday morning I awoke to find my Husband unexpectedly working from his home office on my day off, which put a serious cramp in my usual morning plans. Not that he is policing me or anything, but there's only so many times you can get caught watching a Law & Order marathon in your PJs exclaiming defensively "TODAY IS MY SATURDAY!!" without looking like a Total Loser.

So I was puttering around in my Going-to-the-Gym-Outfit when luck would have it he closed his office door for some conference calls and I sat down at my laptop to see if anything more enticing than the Treadmill came my way. I might have accidentally wet my hands and mussed up my hair a little but it's totally not my fault that when he emerged an hour later I was still sitting there, in what he might now misconstrue to be my Just-Came-from-the-Gym-Outfit.

"LOOK!" I pointed excitedly at the screen; "I just got this email from DFS and they want me to foster a litter of six!!" Of course he ran over expecting to find a picture of coonhound puppies and when he instead found these babies inquired "DFS?" You know, the Department of Furniture Services!! "Oh, RIGHT... that one in the middle looks like it has some Special Needs." Then he patted me on the shoulder, shaking his head as he went back to his office.

Later that day I headed down to Plymouth to pick up my charges and found them to be exceptionally less malnourished than I thought. So instead of maybe gluing or repainting them and finding them new homes by selling them at Salvage Chic, I decided to adopt them myself. SIGH; that happens more than you think. But don't they look great in my dining room? Now if only I could get Apple to make a Chippy-Country-Primitive laptop, the room would be complete!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Help is Hard to Find

FREE HELP is even harder to find, which is why I was wicked excited when my Husband and his Dad volunteered to help with the finish work in the new space we opened up last month. At least, I THOUGHT it was free, until I finally got around to reviewing the security camera footage from that day. Doesn't this guy making off with some merchandise look alarmingly like Kenny? Come to think of it, he does have a poster just like that in his office; I will have to keep a closer eye on him. But wait, he definitely has more hair than that... must be someone else.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Truth in Advertising?

For those of you who can't get enough Salvage Chic updates on the website, or this somewhat-stagnant blog... you can also become our fan on Facebook! Where I try to post enticing status updates about auctions visited or exciting new inventory. And where in fact I posted these chairs on Wednesday after Jack dropped them off at the shop. I bet him they would sell before he made the drive home to Quincy, and in an effort to up my chances of being right, I posted them with this blurb on our Facebook page: "Adirondack Chairs, $65 each, GUARANTEED NOT TO LAST!" And a kind Facebook fan replied... "Funny Headline - maybe should say GUARANTEED TO SELL FAST?" Ummm, Yeah, THAT'S what I meant! And they didn't last, I mean, DID sell fast! Let's hope they DO last longer in the yard of their new owner than they did on my sidewalk.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Mother Hubbard

Went to her cupboard
to get her poor dogs a bone.
When she got there,
the cupboard was bare
and so her poor dogs had none.

But I bet her dogs would not care,
if she had a cupboard that was THIS COOL...
They would just be glad she shopped at Salvage Chic
and fed them boring dry kibble.