Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chip Off the Old Block

I was at my parents' house in Boston last week meeting up with my Mom to do some Junk-tiquing. No sooner had we left the house then something caught my eye. "What's THAT?" I inquired excitedly, honing in on what promised to be the Find of the Day. "Oh... THAT. We had our chimney cap replaced yesterday and Your Father saved that for you." I could tell by the way she said it she was thinking Canyoubelievehethinksyouwouldwantthat... Um, YEAH!! It is awesome. I was so touched my Dad would see a broken piece of sooty terra cotta chimney and think of me!! (Wouldn't you be?)

So here it is in my garden and I'll leave you with some other cool elements I've worked in this spring. Now before you go thinking "Gag me, she keeps all the GOOD STUFF for herself!" I assure you, some of this stuff was for sale FOREVER at Salvage Chic and then I couldn't even get rid of it at my Yard Sale. I mean, how long did that Brown Dog sit around before I finally took pity on it and took it home? (OK, I may be exaggerating here... but a few things WERE at the shop, I swear...) Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Calling Mary Tyler Moore

plus Jackie O, June Cleaver, Betty Draper and everyone who longs to recreate the wardrobe of these fashion icons! Announcing FASHION WEEK at Salvage Chic, we're we'll unveil a ton of FRESH TO THE MARKET 1950's & 60's clothing & costume jewelry, shoes & accessories. Saturday & Sunday, 5/15 & 5/16, 10AM-5PM. TWO DAYS ONLY and then it disappears. BE THERE or be... caught wearing modern clothing that tries to imitate these fabulous things.
Over 100 garments and 300+ pieces of jewelry. An Event not to be missed!