Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

I wasn't going to say anything about this but last Sunday Mack sent one of his spies over to my shop to gather information that she could take back to Never Open Antiques to help him boost sales. This poor woman walked in with that Valley of the Dolls empty drugged look and I could immediately see that she had been brainwashed so I promptly enlisted the FBI guys who managed to deprogram her and convert her to Salvage Chicdom. She so appreciated the favor and the great bargains she got at Salvage Chic, the next day she emailed me that reading my blog cured her boring Monday Work blues and guess what - she had read I was looking for a Wire Spool table and had one she wanted to GIVE me! Today her husband delivered it to my house, how nice was THAT, and despite her worries that it was a little rotted it is Absolutely Perfect in the Sleepy Beggar Tavern, I just threw a vintage tablecloth over it and it looks Meant To Be. I'll post some pictures soon and be sure to invite her and her husband to come visit and have a drink if they are so inclined. She's dubbed herself a "Salvage Chicklette" and is looking to add members to her club so keep those comments coming if you're interested in joining!

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Salvage Chicklette said...

And you have now cured the Tuesday Work Blues! As I'm trapped like a rat in this boring Designated Work Area (aka, Cubicle) surfing the web I said to myself "Self, you haven't perused Salvage Chick's website lately. Why not get a Fix?" Lo and Behold, as my vitality began to return with each new Blog Entry I read, and I'm feeling total empathy for the Valley of the Dolls woman, I eventually realize it's me!!! Mack was so wiley enlisting me as a spy I didn't even know what hit me! He is a true Master so one may need to don their Invisibility Cloak when visiting N.O. Thanks, Salvage Chick, for your generous deprogramming and glad the Spool is working out well in the Sleepy Beggar Tavern. And yes, pictures please! And remember, the Salvage Chicklette Club is always looking for recruits! We promise that Initiaiton into the Chicklette Club involves no Hazing or Blood Letting. However, Non-Dumpster Divers Need Not Apply. And Mack, that's "Chicklette", as in female chick. Feel free to start your own Rooster Club though! You can be Cleghorn Leghorn!