Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Loss is Your Gain...

Who am I kidding, I should say My GAIN is Your Gain. This week we did an impromptu kitchen makeover and added upper cabinets, which we never had before. After living here for 6 years, I decided the Whole Kitchen Renovation was not going to happen anytime soon so I might as well add them now and live with a mismatched kitchen. Or more truthfully, I decided if I had to lean down into this dank dark cabinet one more time in search of the elusive EVOO, I was going to slit my ankles.

The GOOD NEWS is, I displaced all kinds of cool stuff that used to live on my walls & countertops/windowsills. This is just a VERY SMALL sneak peek at some of the items that will be appearing soon at Salvage Chic!

The BETTER NEWS is, I now have THIS lovely space to cook in. And the total cost of the project was $620 for the cabinets and about $100 in paint & supplies. Even Kenny commented that this morning he felt like such a 'grown-up' getting his cereal out of a cabinet at eye level. I guess he forgot we were both contemplating strangling each other or at least getting divorced while hanging said cabinets...

Monday, February 22, 2010

TAX-22 Situations

So I've been using TOO BUSY as the excuse for not blogging lately but honestly, I've been suffering from a severe case of the Winter Doldrums and adopted the motto "If you don't have anything nice to say... DON'T BLOG." Seriously, I don't want people creeping around Salvage Chic scared to do anything besides browse for fear of the Evil Shop Owner lambasting them on her Blog. But this one is kind of harmless and happens a LOT so I thought I'd share an anecdote of things that frost me on a daily basis.

A gentleman walked up to the counter with an item, I can't even remember what it was but it was $8 and I took it from him, proceeded to wrap & bag it and then punched into the cash register $8 and announced the total, "with tax that comes to $8.50." He did a double-triple-quadruple take and then barked SALES TAX! while reaching into his pocket for the extra 50 cents like now he was going to have to cancel Christmas. I understand it's kind of frustrating to pay sales tax on used goods which have ALREADY had sales tax paid on them when they were new, but you know... I'm not running a yard sale here. It's not like I am pocketing the extra 6.25% and laughing all the way to an offshore account where I hide my unreported income. What Uncle Sam wants, Uncle Sam gets!

While I'm on the subject of Sales Tax (here I go!) the other thing that drives me nuts is people who have a Reseller's Tax ID who assume this means they are exempt from paying Sales Tax on ANYTHING. If you're a Dealer there's this Massachusetts Reseller's form you fill out whereby you swear whatever you are buying is for Resale Purposes, so you're exempt from paying Sales Tax because it's eventually going to get paid by the End Buyer. All well and good. But if you walk up to the counter with say, a Salvage Chic CANDLE... I'm pretty sure you're not reselling that. A "TAX-22" situation, to say the least!

On a related note, I went to CVS this week and was purchasing just 1 item; when the cashier rang me up I acted all chagrined and exclaimed SALES TAX!! ...she didn't have sympathy for me either, LOL.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Moving Day

and all through Salvage Chic... I got a little choked up because it was suddenly looking like we are going out of business. Have no fear, everything is just packed up for the BIG MOVE into the new space tomorrow!!

I hope my Dad is not reading this tonight because I forgot to tell him the entry into the new space is kinda angled weird so we are going to have to take all of this OUTSIDE and around the building to bring it through the front door of the new space...

My Mom and I jumped the gun tonight and moved the Fridge Door because we were so excited about the new cafe curtains we fashioned, in true Salvage Chic style, out of vinyl tablecloth fabric.

Finally, some more Sneak Peeks... Check back tomorrow to see how quickly it all filled up!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The high turnover of late has really gotten people on the Bandwagon of putting things On Hold. So much so, I had to start posting "ON HOLD for So-and-So", because I was getting duplicate requests and can't always respond to everyone immediately via email before I mark it On Hold on the website.

Today an email arrived from a well-known address and when I saw the subject "Hold Request", I couldn't click fast enough to open the email and see what this guy was interested in next. "How much for Duff?" it read; "Can I put him on hold?" Now THAT was funny. (for those who haven't seen it, I put a pic of my dog Duff's handsome mug on the What's New page, billing him as our C.S.O. or Chief Sniffing Officer) Unfortunately Duff just signed a multi-year contract to serve as C.S.O. and as such I can't sell him at this time... Sorry Jerry! Too bad because I've been kind of looking for a loophole to get out of this contract, Duff put in all kinds of hidden riders like bottomless bowls of kibble and he has a tendency to fall asleep during board meetings while emitting noxious gas. But I guess I'm stuck with him for now!