Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trench Warfare

Ah, the signs of fall are upon us. Went to pickup my share from the farm on Friday; because of the heat this summer they've been a few weeks ahead of harvest schedule and thus, this week I received a bounty of winter squashes and pumpkins. Fall is my favorite time of year to decorate so I was shivering with joy as I rooted in the binful of Hubbard Squash (the green one in the photo). I guess all of the co-op members have been inquiring as to how to prepare this baby in the culinary sense so the woman on hand started volunteering cooking information to me. I smiled and nodded because she was just trying to be helpful but all I could think was "COOK it? I just want to DECORATE with it." and proceeded to analyze all from a visually-pleasing perspective.

Got home with my bounty and after I unloaded all of the tomatoes, cukes & corn into the fridge I unearthed these babies and Kenny asked "What are you going to do with THOSE?" I have been getting ultra creative with the veggies this summer in an effort to use them all up and he probably feared Pumpkin Protein Shakes were in his future. "Nothing, I'll just put them on the Trencher", I casually replied; and then left him to wonder what Kitchen-Aid appliance known as a Trencher came into the house under his radar. He was nervously scanning the counter-tops while I went and dug out THIS baby:

Here's where I have to admit once more to my little problem habit of adopting Jack's items from the shop to 'try out at home' before I buy them. This trencher's been on my table, off my table, think I like it, maybe should sell it, OH let's just see how it looks in the Fall. (Sorry, Jack...) It's a Keeper.

Once Kenny realized I hadn't snuck a small kitchen appliance in on his watch, he ambled into the dining room where I ranted "Don't you just LOVE it? Doesn't it look SO good? Aren't you amazed I came home with random vegetables from the farm and then WHAM BAM we have a new tablescape?" Deadpan response: "Yeah. I'm just surprised you don't have a color-coordinating computer mouse you swap out with the seasons." HMMM... I think he's on to something there!! I left the mouse on the table when I took the photo so you guys could see; wouldn't a burnt orange one be nice?