Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Search & Rescue Mission

Urgent 911 Call last night from an Undisclosed South Shore Location!! Claudia and I hopped in the Salvage Chic van and got there JUST in time to resuscitate a fantastic amount of merchandise. Luckily the other paramedics at the scene were distracted by a Mass Casualty of Cut Glass, Green Depressionware and Horrible Lamps and we were able to focus on some of our favorite patients. Not all names are being released at this time but you can definitely count Pyrex, Fire-King, Jadeite, Coca-Cola, and Hoosier among the survivors. Visiting Hours at Salvage Chic are every day but Monday, from 11AM-5PM. Come check them out before they are all discharged!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket...

What do I do with this BASKET?

On Sunday nights after a busy weekend I like to reward myself with a little treat. Usually I just adopt something that's been haunting me at Salvage Chic but nothing was jumping out at me (did I just SAY THAT?!?) so Claudia & I headed over to a neighboring shop where I picked up this old market basket that was calling to me.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this basket and to make matters worse I came home to find Kenny COOKING DINNER so I had to spend time oohing and aahing over this miraculous event instead of running off and playing with my basket like I wanted to.

Finally the dishes were done and I was able to focus on my Decorating Dilemma. Really it seemed like this thing belonged in the pantry filled with foodstuffs or something but the last thing I need in there is another basket so I was racking my brain as I was folding laundry when AHA! I came upon the perfect use for it: TOWELS!

Poor Kenny was actually in the shower when I bustled in and started re-merchandising the bathroom. Luckily he is used to living with a Crazy Person so when I asked his opinion he ducked his head out and obliged; "Looks Good! Is that Safe?" What do you mean, I asked... "I don't know, I never had a metal basket full of towels on top of a marble slab on a radiator, I'm just asking!" Geez Louise, I think we'll live.

So since the pictures of my other bathroom were such a hit, here are a few shots of what I call Country-Industrial-Chic. I saw this framed print in a boutique catalog for a ridiculous amount of money. I thought it was so clever of me to find the print alone on eBay for $10 and ran off to Michael's with my 50% Off Framing coupon where much to my dismay, I paid MORE than if I had just ordered it from the catalog. We could probably have a whole other Blog about the Michael's 50% Off Framing Coupon Scam...

This old icebox is probably one of my Favorite Pieces Ever. When you live in a house with one closet you have to get creative and this piece is just PERFECT to hold the excess of toiletries I hoard because I can't resist milking those CVS Extrabucks, or as I like to call it, 'Ripping Off CVS'.

Last but not least Claudia and I are always finding cool random glasses but sometimes second-guess ourselves asking "Who would buy just ONE glass?" Ummm... ME!

Right now I know some of you are thinking... "She's so queer, I can't believe she doesn't have matchy-matchy red & white toothbrushes in there." I KNOW, RIGHT? I totally should. But sadly, pink & blue seems to be the only toothbrush color code other people in this house can understand. We all have our crosses to bear.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

God Rest Ye, Merry Salvage Chicks

We are looking forward to a day off tomorrow after this week's Smashingly Successful Holiday Open House. MANY Thanks to all of you who attended, we hope you enjoyed the baked goodies Santa's Elves whipped up, and the little Salvage Chic tape measure/key chains seemed to be a Big Hit. We raffled off 2 $25 gift certificates which went to lucky winners Bruce Clark & Stacey Sullivan, Congratulations to them both! The raffle was fun and I think we'll be doing that more often.

Claudia and I started Decking the Halls right after Halloween and worked straight up until this weekend transforming the shop into a Winter Wonderland. We heard lots of kind comments from shoppers; I think our favorite was from a friend with a longtime antique-dealing family: "I've never SEEN so much Christmas in one place!" Neither have we, and the surprises are not over... we have much more Christmas stock waiting to be put out over the coming weeks. In fact, we'll be visiting an auction tomorrow night where we hear more Christmas Goodies are lurking! (What's that I said about a day off? I guess we never REALLY take one. But this is NIGHT, it doesn't count as working, does it?)

Special Thanks to Santa's elves Amy & Connie for their yummy baked goods, our other elf Amy who whipped up some crafty creations, my Mom Kath for hanging out & providing an extra set of hands all weekend, and of course to my business partner and 'Creative Soulmate' Claudia, without whom none of this would be possible. As we were decorating we kept asking each other "can you imagine doing this ALONE?" and then the conversation would inevitably turn to me probably wanting to slit my ankles and die a slow painful death. THANKS CLAUDIA!!

And since I can't resist leaving you with a giggle... another often heard comment this weekend: "Your House must be SO COOL! Does it look like this?" UMMM... No. As I pictured my dining room table, which still looks like THIS:

Poor Kenny! What's that old saying, the shoemaker's kids go without shoes... and Salvage Chick's house is always one holiday behind. And probably will be, until December 23rd, when I bring home the aluminum tree from the shop and plop it down in place of that big bowl of candy corn! Sorry Kenny...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Let Me Just Say...

That when your name is Christine and you've spent over 3 decades signing it... it's Wicked Hard to not write it instead of 'Christmas'. So if you find any tags in the shop that read "Vintage Christine" item... I'm SORRY!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wanted: On 4 Counts of Criminal Nesting

I know what you're thinking; that I've been redecorating my home again and about to bore you with the details. Wrong! I'm too busy transforming Salvage Chic into a Winter Wonderland to do anything more than make the bed before I leave the house these days. Which I do, I swear! See, here's evidence to prove it!

So WHY, when I get home at night, does the bed look like THIS?!? Was my home invaded by some weird form of prowler who likes to roll around in other people's beds?

Wait a minute now, before I call the Police... let's just zoom in a little further... AHA! I see the distinct signs of a dog-shaped nest.

Further evidence - a hidden rawhide stash!

For ONCE, Duff is off the hook because (1) he has bad hips and this bed is too high for him to jump on and (2) he would NEVER leave rawhide unattended... looks like Izzy had quite the party for herself today, huh?