Friday, April 22, 2011

URGENT Update for the Yard Salers!!

The Saturday portion of the Yard Sale advertised in the previous post has been CANCELLED due to lack of merchandise. Many Thanks to all the Salvage Chic fans who visited today and helped make the sale a Smashing Success!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled Blog. (Although, it's more IRREGULARLY scheduled, isn't it? Sigh... sometimes life just gets in the way.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Attention Yard Salers!

One of my Prize Pickers is having a yard sale this weekend, this is a Must Check Out Event!! Just a short ride up Route 27 from Salvage Chic.

Multi-family sale with something for everyone! Lots of furniture, antiques, vintage, household goods, decorative items, kids stuff (including outdoor toys), double stroller, Schwinn bike trailer, even a truck cover for a Toyota Tacoma. Come check it out Friday and Saturday (4/22 &23) on Country Way in Kingston (right off of rt 27 near Silver Lake High School) from 8-2.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Boogie Down

Or more often heard around our house lately: "Boogie... DOWN!" Yes, our new pup Augie already has a nickname. It came to be after the first week or two when he got comfortable enough to start testing the waters and it became clear that our former little gentleman has a Terrorist alter ego. One that likes to corner cats, eat potholders, and shred anything to do with fabric. I have read that it's important with a young pup not to scold them too harshly unless you actually catch them doing something wrong in the act. Pointing at a sock he chewed an hour ago and yelling "BAD DOG!" is just going to confuse him so at some point when I stumbled upon some Augie Aftermath I found myself muttering "You're such a little Boogie." Later I caught him right in the midst of something and accidentally blurted out "Boogie Bin Laden!! You are a Terrorist!!" Kenny overheard me and it totally stuck, the poor pup is forevermore known as Boogie. Now, before you go all Kardashian on me "Oh. Mah. Gahd! I can't believe you call your dog BOOGIE, you should be ashamed of yourself! There are plenty of people in third world countries who would love to own a dog and would never call him Boogie Bin Laden!" (Trust me, I do get these emails) Just take a chill pill and embrace him in all his Boogie-ness; we do.
He's so busy being a Terrorist I only seem to be able to get a photo of him sleeping these days; here he is after a long day out in the yard with his BFF Duff and a reminder: Tired Dogs are GOOD Dogs.