Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Searching for LaMont

Sanford & Son need a dog. They recently lost Son's dog of many years and they must really miss it because they have actually been coveting MY psychotic dog. As much as she might like a new home in Pembroke I cannot let her go because she is my Husband's True Love. I get 3/4 of a king-size bed to myself while those two spoon in bliss on the other 1/4. I'm sure there are laws about this in some states but not Halifax.

Anyway back to the Dog Quest. As much as Sanford wants a Black Lab I don't have $800 to fork over to get him one. I'm looking for a nice mixed-breed, on the younger side either free to a good home or adoptable at a shelter who needs a donation. Said dog will enjoy a fenced kennel area already in place and - Lucky Dog - get to be dropped in Sanford's neighbor's fenced yard where all the neighborhood dogs go to play and "Boy, do they sleep well". Salvage Chick will take responsibility for schooling Sanford & Son on all the necessary vaccines/neutering and even bankroll this stuff if needed. (Did you know Salvage Chick was a Vet Tech in a past-life??? Ha you thought I was just a Dumpster Diver but I sport a Syracuse U pedigree of BS in Biology!! So why am I Salvage Chick and not Dr. Salvage, Veterinarian... well, I guess life is what happens while you're making other plans.)


Anonymous said...

Usually people who where vet techs who have converted to dumpster diving are known to cheat at bar room trivia

Salvage Chick said...

Usually people whose opponent has had a Mai Tai and 4 beers do not have to cheat at bar room trivia.