Sunday, June 10, 2007


My husband is on vacation all week and tomorrow is our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary so guess what we'll be doing... Yardwork! (Why are you surprised - What did you think I was gonna say?)

I mentioned to Yard Sale Buddy that I'm in need of mulch because I'm sick of paying retail for this kind of thing. It made me sick when he showed me 20 tons of Pea Stone he got from SomeTown Sand & Gravel at the same price I recently paid for 5 tons to the SAME COMPANY!! Sometimes it's truly not What you know, it's Who you know.

So Yard Sale Buddy confirmed that he has a Source for Free Mulch and can borrow his neighbor's trailer, he's taking me tomorrow to scoop a few yards so Kenny and I can landscape around our pool. I managed to confirm with a very upstanding Hanson Citizen that this mulch source is in fact free and available to the public, which put to rest my fears that Yard Sale Buddy and I would soon be appearing caught red-handed on a bad episode of COPS stealing mulch from a cemetary or something.

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