Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

It's.... a Good Reason to never take Kenny to an auction again!!!
Look what he bought on his Maiden Voyage to Auction:

YES, that's a PHONE BOOTH sitting outside my kitchen door.

NO, I don't know what he's going to do with it.  
Wait, I guess all Superheroes need a place to change their clothes.
File me under "Wife of Telecom Superhero".

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beating the Recession

Oh no, here she goes now on a Financial Rant... I know what you're thinking!  No, this post has nothing to do with what's happening on Wall Street right now.  Instead I'm talking Medicine Cabinets! Vintage Recessed Cabinets like this one at the shop I had my heart set on a while ago:
My Husband was even game to install it, or attempt to anyway.  But once he started cutting the hole in the wall he realized that our circa 1833 home wasn't built with regulation studs (more like cross-sections of random tree parts) and if he went ahead and installed it the back side was going to stick out into the pantry on the other side of the wall. Insert bummed-out smiley face. I was crushed. So I started perusing that Catalog Barn's website to see if they had anything suitable to my Industrial Chic design plan. Of course they did... for like, 249 dollars. I showed it to Kenny and he said all they are doing is selling a copy of what you already have; why don't we take the door off and just use it as a mirror?

Genius! I loved it; but we still needed some form of storage... so once I saw the guts of the medicine cabinet exposed, the wheels started turning and we hung that up too. 
I showed these pictures to Jack at the shop (partly because the medicine cabinet was his in the first place and I wanted to thank him for his donation to my bathroom). Our most talented craftsman with an impeccable eye for detail, Jack took one look at this thing and said "You know, you could build a frame around the cabinet to hide the unfinished looking part that's supposed to be recessed in the wall."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That's my FAVORITE PART!!!
 If anyone would like to replicate this look at home, we have several identical medicine cabinets available at the shop right now for $65 each. File under "You Too Can Beat The Recession".