Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here We GROW Again...

Given the State of the Economy lately, a lot of signs like this are cropping up all over the place. Normally the sight of a newly empty storefront leaves me feeling very sad, knowing some poor proprietor has had to hang up their hopes & dreams for the time being. Stumbling on this sign the other day left me with somewhat Mixed Emotions, because while it meant someone was downsizing, it also happened to hang in front of the space DIRECTLY ADJACENT to Salvage Chic. (Assuming that in some dictionary somewhere "Mixed Emotions" is defined as PRETTY FREAKING EXCITED) Even more so when I spoke to the landlord, and he was as eager to rent me the space as I was to take it over. Now if only March 1st would hurry up and get here... Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a Small World After All

It's a SMALL, SMALL World...

Last week this couple came into the shop and after spending a long time browsing, decided they wanted a piece of furniture and asked if it was OK to purchase and come back to pick it up later in the week. OF COURSE! we told them, and as I was ringing up their purchases the woman mentioned that although it was their first visit, she has been a longtime stalker of the website. I took her comment to mean they were from far away so I exclaimed, OH! Where do you Live? thinking they looked kind of hip & urban like a lot of young couples who visit us from Boston or Cambridge. To my surprise she answered "Halifax" to which of course I replied I also live in Halifax; and then, since I got the sense they maybe were going to have to borrow a vehicle to pick this piece of furniture I asked Where in Halifax? because we do offer Delivery Services. She referenced this cul-de-sac neighborhood near the Country Club so again of course I had to volunteer that my backyard abuts that neighborhood and tried to describe where to her. We kind of danced around trying to pinpoint locations until for some unknown reason I blurted out "I'm the one with the REALLY LOUD DOGS." (Yeah, THAT's something I want to be known for...) Her eyes got huge. "The Hounds! You have Hounds!" Ummmmm.... YEAH. (Why did I have to say that? Now they totally hate me.) She was looking at her husband all Triumphant-Like "I told you they were Hounds" and meanwhile he was trying so hard not to laugh he was almost crying and all I could think was They Have Definitely Had Conversations About My Dogs Before. I could only guess that she bet Hounds but his money was on the 3-headed dog Cerberus that guards the Gates of Hell, because no mortal hound should be able to make that much noise.

So, needless to say I ponied up Free Delivery on the piece they bought, and pretty much any piece they buy for the rest of the time they live in that house, if they ever want to patronize the Lady with the Loudmouth Dogs again. Then I went home and told my Husband "I met our neighbors out back! They are really nice, they just bought the house in May, I could totally see us hanging out with them, do you think when I drop off their desk I should include some cookies or a bottle of wine, like a welcome-to-the-neighborhood thing?" His response? "That might be a little weird. But you know what they'd probably really appreciate? EARPLUGS." Sigh. Welcome to the Neighborhood!