Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Seize the Day!

Sometimes even Salvage Chick does not know what the day will bring. This morning I was drying my hair and wondering just that when my Burglar Alarm went off. Now this particular four-legged Burglar Alarm has a hair trigger so I usually ignore it until the siren becomes so insistent I'm convinced there really IS a murderer lurking in the backyard. Then the phone rings and it turns out Sanford & Son are out back by my garage dropping off some furniture so I run out to unlock the doors. Fortunately my morning Forensic Files Watching lounging clothes are somewhat similar to my Shopowner Chic Tracksuits so they did not notice that I was in a state of undress.

Sanford & Son dropped off the chairs and went back to fetch the table while I tried to figure out where the heck I was gonna put this stuff. I mean, my husband has the patience of a Saint but even he might not agree to park his lawn mower in the driveway so I can store more of other people's furniture. The wheels start turning and by the time they get back with the table I'm in full gear.

Knowing how Sanford likes a challenge I casually mention too bad we couldn't put the Christmas tree up in the overhead storage - and sure enough in an instant he's up the ladder exclaiming WHY NOT? Well... other than it being really heavy and impossible to get back in the box... the overhead storage is also apparently Where Furniture Goes To Die.

Sanford starts tossing stuff down with abandon, mindless of whether Son might have to stand one-legged on a snowblower to catch the stuff and I'm sitting there giggling, Son teeters on top of a bureau saying DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH and I'm like, I can't help it, he's up there barking orders and it's like, The Voice Of GOD coming out of my garage ceiling!!


Vintage Chics Resale said...

Hey Neighbor, Love Your shop! Awesome Kitchen set!

Salvage Chick said...

Hi Vintage Chics! Checked out your website, really cool! I hope business is booming.