Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hi, I'm Salvage Chick...

...and I am addicted to vintage Juice pitchers. I have been trying really hard to curb my addiction (I passed up 3 sweet little glasses in Amy's booth at Hexagon House last week by clenching my fists and telling myself to Be Strong!) But that new one I scammed from Mack awoke some Inner Demon and today I gave in to the high - TWICE! It felt so good. Problem is I've spilled off of my one kitchen windowsill onto the other and now that's almost full. Hmmm how to approach The Husband about adding another window? I excitedly showed him my new arrangement, "LOOK this pitcher is MINT and came with ALL SIX glasses!!" He just shook his head and said "You think you know someone..." (read: and then you find out you are married to a Juice Glass Junkie!!)

While we are on the subject and not just in case he is reading, can I just say I have The Best Husband ever?

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