Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday Yard Sale!

Being the Salvage Chick, I always brake for Yard Sales but was especially excited to find one on a Monday. I hadn't visited this particular sale yet but know it's been ongoing for a while; I thought Hmm maybe she has added new stuff no one's gotten to since it's Monday so I screeched to a halt and bounded across the lawn. I immediately found a cool old coffee urn with Bakelite handles, didn't give a hoot it didn't have the plug because I intend to stage it as a vase and the Price was Right as they say. While I was examining an old wardrobe, the woman mentioned "That is the only expensive item here..." I bit - How Much? She says "The highest offer I've had is $190 but I'm holding out for $200." OK. I wonder if this is some sort of Sales Tactic. Really if I were having a Yard Sale and it meant the difference between moving it in and out of the garage every Yard Sale day, I'd have taken the $190... but I just smiled and said it was a bargain for someone at that, it really was a nice piece. Then I went on to say "My Husband bought some comic books from you on Sunday." She got this dreamy look on her face "OH! Mack's Friend!" and just when I'm wondering if the dreamy look is over my Husband she continued "I wish Mack would come back. I have some more of those XYZ items he was looking for." Oh my gosh! She is cleaning out and putting all the good stuff aside for Mack! I really do have to start being nicer to him. Anyway MACK I know you're reading this, I told her you'd be down on Sunday at the latest.

Funny side note, because he WAS tipped off about the comics by Mack, Kenny went to the Yard Sale and asked if there were any comic books and received an adamant NO, until he mentioned "Mack sent me". Funnier side note, he went to the WRONG Yard Sale first and tried the same thing, and they just looked at him like he had 3 heads.

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