Saturday, June 2, 2007


Old Linens in a Tub and where do you think they be? I am up to my eyeballs in old tablecloths, gorgeous 1940's-50's stuff in vibrant red fruit patterns picked up this week. They are cleaning up nicely! My husband has never seen me this excited about laundry. I keep disappearing into the cellar in 20 minute intervals, since these beauties need special attention and can't be agitated. Luckily he was occupied with the Red Sox and XBox and also not agitated that his wife was consumed with laundry on Friday night. We did make it out for a Chinese Dinner Date, he got me good with the Seat Heater. For some reason he gets great glee out of turning my Seat Heater on when I'm not looking, especially if it's 90 degrees outside. So I'm pulling out of the parking space and he goes "HEY, is that Wicker in the Trash over there?" hoodwinked I turn, shrug "no just some junk" and drive on, then start burning up a few minutes later. #!*@&!. I'll get him back.
We don't have Irreconcileable Differences... but is there a box to check on the Divorce Form "Faked a Potential Trash Pick"??? That's grounds for Annulment in the Salvage Chick Bible.

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