Friday, July 13, 2012

What Goes Up... Never Comes Down

Check out this Wicked Relic I was excited to find in my hot little hands yesterday.

"Oh, WOW!" I started reminiscing back to 1990 when I got my driver's license and you could drive up to the gas guy and ask for 10 bucks worth of regular and drive away with practically a full tank.  I was thinking I would show it to my niece and nephew and relate this story and how there didn't used to be Self-Serve gas stations and did I mention I had to drive uphill both ways to get my gas? Then I decided to Google "when was gas 1.59 a gallon?" and you know when it was?!?  2000!  I guess I can't exactly label it 'Vintage'... but since I'm sure we'll never see this price again, it's definitely a 'Collectible'!