Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Root Canal Appointments Available...

so my Husband graciously agreed to accompany me to my Annex location at My Favorite Place in Hanover to pick up a corner hutch I bought a while back. Now to answer Everyone's Burning Question, "How does your husband feel about you hanging around with Yard Sale Buddy, Sanford & Son, Mack etc..." I wouldn't be surprised if he secretly has them on the Payroll! As much as he loves that I LOVE what I'm doing, for him moving furniture rates right up there with sticking needles in his eyes. So I appreciated him helping me out on a Vacation Day and took pity on his soul and did not drag him into the Hexagon House even though I had heard there are Fabulous New Things lurking in Claudia's booth. So THANKS KENNY for the help today and for saying how proud you are of my expansion & shop, you really ARE the Best Husband although everyone here already knows that because a certain 'Anonymous' Poster keeps reminding them... and for the record I DO NOT cheat at bar room trivia!!

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