Saturday, June 2, 2007

Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls...

it Tolls for Thee, Salvage Chick! Specifically, the shop telephone. I answered with a yawn on this sleepy Graduation Saturday, half expecting it to be Citizen's Bank again looking for some deadbeat who gave them my number as his own. "AHA!" I thought, "Telemarketer Indeed!" as there was that infamous pause and then a voice came on the line... "It's Mack." I sat bolt upright in my seat and looked nervously around for Allen Funt and his Candid Camera as this screamed SETUP.

Turns out Mack secured some additonal large pieces and is in need of storage. I told him it was too bad he didn't foresee that last week when he shortchanged me in the Church Bench deal and he got all righteous - Hmph how righteous will he be when the worshippers at the Church of Never Open Antiques go to sit down and there is NOTHING LEFT to sit on?? Try explaining that one to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

In an attempt to keep him on the line since the FBI was tracing the call, I graciously agreed to store Mack's stuff for him in exchange for something yet to be identified. I actually have my eye on a few things over at N.O. so I am thinking something like that old game show Supermarket Sweep where I get to go in for 5 minutes and come out with whatever I can hold. We shall see. "Look out Miss Lottie Lenya, and old Lucy Brown... and especially Salvage Chick now that Mack is... BACK IN TOWN!!"

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