Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Cure For Insomnia!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... quiet weekend in the shop. Was close to slitting my ankles out of boredom then remembered Mack had been out on the town last night at his nephew's Bachelor Party so I went over and TALKED REALLY LOUD in case he was hungover. I said "Oh, you have the wicker set out on the corner, let's hang out there in the blazing sun where we can see both our shops in case someone comes in". It was so hot one of the nice ladies from 2 Sisters Thrift said can I offer you two an iced tea and I was like, No, just an umbrella if you have one... and maybe a stretcher for Mack." Lucky for him some Salvage Chic shoppers showed up and he was able to retreat into Never Open Antiques and probably lie down with a cold compress on his head. Now I know he will grumble and moan about how his every move is tracked and reported on THE INTERNET but I'm sure he secretly doesn't mind - this Blog has been good for my business and hopefully his - there are FIFTY-FOUR regular subscribers reading it!
And here is a shameless plug for him he has JADEITE over there at N.O., I was so envious when I saw it. Cute little Deco vases and a pair of spice shakers... hmmm maybe that'll be his next Rent Payment if these church pews sit in my garage much longer.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, who had a LOUSY weekend managing Work Escalations, wish I got to see him today... to my Brother, who has the World's 2 Cutest Kids, to Yard Sale Buddy & Mack, thanks for looking out for me! and to Kenny who is Dad to our pets Axl, Slash & Izzy, that's about all the kids we need right now although he is Actively Campaigning to adopt a Boston Terrier.

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