Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Or, "F.F." as my Mom would say. For those of you playing at home, one of those F's is FREEZING... I'll let you fill in the blank.

So now, for a little Warmth from Within. I was lucky enough to be off from the shop today and spent the day as I most LOVE to do on days like this, puttering around the house in my PJs. I swore I was going to do nothing at all except watch a Law & Order Marathon; Kenny bet me 5 bucks I would be off the couch by the end of the 2nd episode but I held strong through 2 and a half before the urge to putter got the best of me. Then I went on a tear in the kitchen, taking everything off the counters and cleaning it within an inch of its life before I put it back. I know on those HGTV House Selling shows they advise you should clear a kitchen of everything but the essentials so Buyers don't think your kitchen lacks storage. But I think done right, clutter can be a selling point. Not that I'm selling my house... but wouldn't YOU want to live in a kitchen with a windowsill as 'cluttered' as this? It just puts a smile on my face; hope it warms you up too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Right Frame of Mind

I just haven't been in it lately, for Blogging, anyway. I know, I know, a lot of people have been disappointed to check in for the last 5 weeks only to be greeted yet again by the "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" post. A couple of nights I have sat down thinking "Let me just dash out a paragraph or two to calm the hungry masses," only to be stymied by what I can best describe as Blogger's Block. It really hit home when the calendar year turned and I saw that I had only blogged on average twice a month in 2010; what the #!&*! was going on?

To compound matters, people have started walking into the shop and before I can even get out a "Hi, How are you?" they're all "No New Blogs Lately, Huh." SIGH. So much for all the great changes in the shop; did you see how we made Christmas Happen, and then Un-Happen, once again in Epic Salvage Chic Proportions? Can I get a WOOT, WOOT for scrounging up the freshest, fiercest array of inventory possible and laying it all out on the website on a daily basis, so you can peruse it at leisure without leaving the comfort of your home or PJs? No, I get it... what you really want to know is what my dog has been up to.

As the Pressure to Blog continued to build with no good Subject Matter at hand, I said to Kenny: "Now I know how J.K. Rowling feels when people ask her when the next Harry Potter segment is coming out. Do you think she ever wants to reply 'when I Bloody Hogwort feel like it'? He laughed and said he understood how I must feel, but the look he gave me said "GET OVER YOURSELF!" I know, he's right... right?

So today at the shop rather than deal with the Blog Block I was in full Stop Procrastinating Mode, dragging all kinds of stuff out that's been languishing in the back room; when I came upon THIS lovely specimen brought in by one of my Prize Pickers.

Superbly Shabby Chic indeed, but it's an empty frame with no back, no glass, no hook to hang it. How the *!%#!? am I supposed to merchandise THIS? And how much would someone possibly want to pay for it?? Wait a minute... it kind of looks like it belongs in my sunroom. Another thing I've been meaning to Blog about, but it's just not QUITE done... I thought to myself, 'Too bad there's nowhere in there to hang it.' Or IS there?? Something started tickling the back of my brain so I brought it home tonight and, VOILA! Problem Solved. Now Kenny can't complain the TV looks dinky on the wall, and I have something to BLOG ABOUT!! I think I finally got my Mojo back. Now, if I could just figure out how to hide that stupid cord...