Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WANTED: Salvage Chick

Oh My Gosh! There really is a Wanted Picture of me on the wall over at the Jordan Fitness Center; I thought my Husband was kidding. I told him if I actually went there I wouldn't be able to write off the gym membership as a Charitable Donation but he said since it is a Joint Membership that was illegal anyway. Oops.

So yesterday when Mr. Yoga and Cottage Cheese announced he was off to the gym I knocked his socks off by saying wait for me I'm going with you. He raised an eyebrow and said "I'll be at LEAST an hour" like he knows I am going to skip home after 10 minutes on the treadmill and be licking Cheeto dust off my fingers by the time he gets home. Hmph. Well I was on there a lot longer than him just to show him up but all I could think was my poor dog was home watching CSI Miami without me. Then he put me through this little weight lifting routine which I pretended was taxing since I didn't want to be too sore today... I mean he really has no IDEA how much furniture I sling around in the shop, I really have awesome abs as a result, he should be glad I hide them under this little layer of fat to keep other guys from noticing me.

Will Salvage Chick keep up her fitness routine or is this just a passing lark? Vegas is laying odds right now so place your bets!!

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