Saturday, July 7, 2007

I feel so VIOLATED!!

OK, I can understand that if you had an antique stolen from your property it would make sense to ask around at antique shops to see if they had somehow acquired the item. People drive up and sell me stuff all the time and if I buy something from someone who's not a 'Regular' I'm sure to note their license plate for this very reason.

But really, 3 people from the same family have asked me about one item this weekend. You'd think they'd make a list and divvy it up to save themselves some time. What really bugs me about the whole thing is each one has come in kind of like "oh, you're finally open when I drove by, been meaning to check you out... you know what I'm looking for? One of those um, uh (wagging fingers in the air), you know, BLAH BLAH BLAHs!" No need for the act, just ask me if I have one!! By the 3rd person I was so tempted to act like there was a secret code word that was going to let her into the room where I keep the Fenced Goods.... "Did Vinnie send you?"

I swear if a 4th person comes in I'm just going to say "I did, but I sold it this morning."


Anonymous said...

Have you seen my plott hound. Someone came into my yard and took it? She's about 75 pounds and very crazy. I don't want her back I just want to thank whoever took her.

Salvage Chick said...

You're Welcome. I mean, no I don't know who took it. (ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) Shhh Izzy be quiet.