Sunday, July 8, 2007

I Created a Monster

I paid off Mr. Never Open for his Jadeite auction today and must have accidentally said something like I would like to do business with him again (I gotta keep the door open in case I want to go filch more of his stuff, right?) Well later on he came skipping over with this piece and after I retched he told me the name of the pattern so I looked it up. Hmmm it looks like we may have a winner here! As much as I'm against selling stuff in the shop that's 'Not My Thing' I have no qualms about hawking them anonymously online to help pay the bills. I will have to be nice to Mack now because I think the real name of his shop is House of Glass and he is probably sitting on a goldmine... plus I will admit I haven't the foggiest on the Depression/Carnival/Vaseline hierarchy, just that they are all part of the Glass Kingdom I try to avoid!

Watch this Auction end next Sunday, it should be fun!!

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