Monday, July 16, 2007

Maiden Voyage of the SS Salvage Chic

Yard Sale Buddy showed up bright and early this morning with his new trailer to pick me up for our foray down to Falmouth. OY I should have remembered this last night when my vacationing Husband and I decided to celebrate it being Sunday and drink our weight in Harpoon India Pale Ale. Luckily Yard Sale Buddy is new enough at maneuvering the trailer he wasted ample time trying to turn it around out back and then needed miscellaneous supplies and of course the dog always needs tending to so I was able to escape into the house a few times and consume vast quantities of water. By the time he had loaded everything up I was feeling almost human and ready to go.

We made it down to Bourne with no real problems and I was so excited pointing out all the antique shops to Yard Sale Buddy I forgot he didn't know where he was going and misdirected him away from the Bridge instead of over it and suddenly we were on the highway heading Away From The Cape. Did I mention he really did not want to take the trailer on the highway? No problem we will just take the next exit... there should be one coming up soon... I cringed when the sign said "Entering Plymouth" and Yard Sale Buddy muttered something about reminding him to kill me later.

Finally after another trip down Route 28 (Deja Vu all over again!) we were merging onto the ramp to the bridge and WOW that traffic was coming fast and OH NO it was a funeral! Yard Sale Buddy slammed on his brakes just missing the guardrail and all I could picture was me and a trailerful of Salvage Chic stuff plummeting over the Bridge. That would be Free Advertising I DON'T need. Plus I really don't think the Don't-Interrupt-a-Funeral-Procession Rule applies to the highway but I was not about to get into that discussion with him.

OK If you've read this far you're beyong wondering What Is the Point Here? Well my new favorite customer Pat's shop is really a gem! It is called Walk In Closet located on Rte 28 in Falmouth just across from the Dairy Queen. Right now she sells predominantly Clothes but she is branching into Home Decor and she really has a flair for display. Unlike some shops I know (ha, mine) it was nice and bright and uncluttered and everything was so clean I couldn't help drinking in the Coach and Vera Bradley eye candy while Poor Yard Sale Buddy moved in all the furniture. I bought a retro cake carrier that just BELONGS in my shop and a gorgeous king comforter and shams that my dog will probably ruin but the price was AMAZING and then after I paid I saw this awesome framed needlepoint of a Pug I had to have. I was so excited I took a picture of it on my lap while we were driving home.

Speaking of driving home, we stopped short at an Undisclosed Location hosting a Monday Yard Sale and acquired TONS of cool stuff for the shop, I think the trailer was fuller on the way back than when we left!

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