Thursday, July 19, 2007

Greetings From Salvage Chic!

Doesn't this look like a great vacation spot? Yard Sale Buddy and I were hard at work all morning redecorating the storefront with a nautical theme. I had been regretting selling the bench I had out there so he brought me those spiffy Adirondack Chairs from his Yard Sale. Then as we were hanging buoys he mentioned that it seemed like we had a lot more of them the other day so I had to admit I took half of them up to My Favorite Place in Hanover to sell in my booth! Which didn't go over too well so I bet him 10 bucks we already sold one and ran in to check the Sales Website. Grrr no go but I have until the end of the day right? Come to think of it if I am selling them for $15 I can just give him $7.50 and then I get to keep a buoy... and he'll actually be out $2.50 because he'll owe me the 10 back! But I can't do that to Yard Sale Buddy; Mack I would definitely do that to. Speaking of Mack, we were lounging in the Adirondack Chairs sipping our Dunkin and I wondered out loud what do you think Mack is doing right now? "Oh, he's probably up a ladder sweating his arse off... I know! Take a picture of me, and send it to him like a Postcard from Salvage Chic! Wish You Were Here."

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