Monday, July 23, 2007

The Domino Effect

Yard Sale Buddy and I were up and about EARLY this morning for a breakfast meeting with our new PR guy to discuss an upcoming Publicity Stunt. (I can't divulge any details other than pretty soon 22,000 people will be hearing about Salvage Chic!! If I told you more, I'd have to kill you.) We were trying to be low-key about this outing but the paparazzi in Pembroke were stalking Yard Sale Buddy's Chevy ruthlessly so we put some Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes mannequins in there to distract them and slipped off unnoticed in my Jeep.

After the meeting we learned that our plans for the day buying at an Undisclosed Location were potentially rained out, so we decided to tackle some minor revisions in the shop. Did I say Minor? Well, I may have stretched the truth a little to get Yard Sale Buddy to agree, you know how rearranging goes... "let's try This over There and then That would look Better up Front if only This wasn't In the Way, it's not really a Load Bearing Wall is it???" 5 hours into the job we decided to break for the day but we will be back at it Bright and Early tomorrow with PAINT BRUSHES in hand!! Stay tuned for a Brand New Look when the shop opens back up on Thursday...

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