Friday, July 13, 2007

Salvage Chick Snoozes and Loses

I get so used to being buddies with Yard Sale Buddy I totally take for granted that anything I have my eye on in his yard is fair game for other dealers... he's got to make a living, right? Well I was over at the Hexagon House today and spotted this shabby yellow pot perfect for planting in - hey that looks familiar OH MY GOSH that is the one I keep forgetting to take with me when I leave Yard Sale Buddy's!! Stolen from under my very nose by Booth 10 - I know who you are!! I will have to act faster next time.

So I decided to have some fun with this and called up Yard Sale Buddy and accused him of selling My Pot to another dealer. He was like WHAT? yellow pot... YOU took that. That is his standard answer whenever anything goes missing from my Watch List. "What? (insert item)... YOU took that." Of course then it backfired because he thought I was really upset and I had to spend a half an hour calming him down.

Did I mention the Hexagon House just got AC! And there are lots of great things over there this week... hands off the Hoosier Cabinet though, I want it.

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