Sunday, July 15, 2007

Transformers! More Than Meets the Eye...

Since it's Sunday, I've been axiously awaiting Mack's arrival to see what ugly item he might pull off the shelf at Never Open Antiques to make us rich on eBay. My eyes lit up when I saw him shuffle in with this item, even though it's plastic it's from 1984 and probably HOT right now due to the release of the new Transformers movie. After he went off to fetch some Dunkin I started researching; I know with lunchboxes condition is EVERYTHING so I started going over it with a fine tooth comb. HALT! Fine tooth comb not needed because there GLARING me in the face is the remnants of a Sharpie signature and what does it say but "Devin Never-Open". Oh my god! I know Never-Open is a common last name so maybe this is a coincidence, right? Nope. Back comes Mack with my iced tea and I casually ask "is your son's name Devin?" he gets this huge grin on his face and says YES, why, he doesn't need this lunch box. Hmph I guess Mack doesn't care his son is going to have to be a Brown Bag loser next school year.

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