Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Endangered Species List

You can count Yard Sale Buddy of Pembroke among the company of spotted owls and giant pandas on the Endangered Species List because Salvage Chick is going to kill him!* Before we met with the PR guy on Monday to discuss our upcoming Publicity Stunt I asked what is this guy's name? Yard Sale Buddy says So-and-So; yeah, I know his LAST name is So-and-So since he runs So-and-So Enterprises, what is his first name? Yard Sale Buddy says "Dick." We actually had this exact exchange two days in a row and Yard Sale Buddy has known this guy forever and said it with such conviction, why would I doubt him?

Fast forward to today, I'm picking up my voice mail messages. I skipped over the lady trying to sell me a polka-dotted Sears ironing board to listen to later and then (Beep) "Hi it's Evan So-and-So of So-and-So Enterprises, still waiting on that logo image you were going to..." Oh Shoot! I forgot to email that to him on Monday; I'll have to... WAIT A MINUTE, what did he... (rewind) "Hi it's Evan So-and-So" OH MY GOD. Of all the wrong names Yard Sale Buddy could have given me to call a guy, he's gotta use DICK? What happened to TOM or HARRY? My mind starts feverishly reviewing our meeting and hoping he didn't get too insulted by my peppering the conversation with comments like "Good point, Dick. What a great yard sale story, Dick. I bet that fish wished he never met you, Dick." and then when the meeting was over I reached out, gave him a big strong businesslike handshake and said "Thanks... DICK!"

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