Sunday, September 2, 2007

Did He Ever Return?

"No he never returned
and his fate is still unlearn'd...
He will ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston
He's the man who never returned..."

well I bet Charlie would get his butt off the MTA in a hurry if he knew this sign was for sale at Salvage Chic! Mayor Menino tried to buy it from me to slap on the front of South Station but I was like Sorry Tom, Charlie has to come get this himself. I would be willing to meet him in the Halifax Commuter Rail parking lot, though, so if you see him please pass on the message.

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Traveling Mom said...

Hi! Just found your blog from Cooking Light and just loved the photos from your house. Maybe you could use a tea towel to hide the cords from your flat screen tv? I loved the well organized pantry!