Sunday, September 16, 2007

All's Fair in Love...

...and Birdhouses, apparently! Last week a friend brought me this fabulous marten house to sell at Salvage Chic. "No problem!" I said, "Let's put it out on the sidewalk, I bet it won't last the weekend!" Truer words have never been spoken. No sooner was it there than Yard Sale Buddy pulled up and started ogling it. I graciously suggested he could buy it from my friend, at the price of just the commission she would get if I sold it to a 3rd party... after all I don't need to make money off of my FRIENDS right? Insert SO-CALLED before friends there because later that night I got a message to "Please pull the marten house because it has been SOLD"... that's right, to YARD SALE BUDDY! Those two-timers went behind my back and wheeled and dealed!! The kicker is when I suggested Yard Sale Buddy buy it, I stipulated that after he fixed it up and resold it I would get a cut for brokering the initial deal... but even craftier was my FRIEND, who gave him a hugely sweetheart deal and then stipulated "But you can't resell it!" Hmph little does she know he would sell his own mother for a buck. I hope she put a Lojack in the thing to track it down after it's GONE for $1 more than he paid for it.

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