Sunday, September 9, 2007

Salvage Chick Stops Traffic

Quite literally, in fact! My Yard Sale Saturday was such a success the Halifax Police had to do a little crowd control and put up these signs all along one side of Route 106. My husband and I were a little nervous when the cruiser pulled up, especially me because I briefly thought maybe I was supposed to have pulled a yard sale permit... but the officer was very nice and even gave me extra signs to put up in advance should I have another yard sale. Which will not be anytime soon... talk about exhausting work. Exhausting, but rewarding! Now I have an empty garage and a nicely padded wallet, I'm going to FILL one while I EMPTY the other on my constant quest for fabulous things to sell at Salvage Chic! Thank You to all my customers who took the time to stop by the sale (at one point my Mom said 'Geez, you'd think you were the Mayor of Halifax, how do you KNOW all these people?') and also to Claudia for shopkeeping so I could hold the sale without closing, she sure missed some priceless Yard Saleing time herself!!

P.S. Please don't drop a dime about Slash's blatant disrepect for their signs thank god he is a Housecat or I would be bailing him out all the time on counts of being Drunk and Disorderly on Catnip.

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