Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You Know Your House is Dirty When...

your Husband cleans it out of the blue... on his VACATION!! Yikes I knew things have been getting out of hand here, I kept saying I will deep-clean 'after the Yard Sale'... 'After the weekend at the shop'... Of course on my days off I find 1 million other things to do and usually only clean if all options (including root canal appointments) have been exhausted. Like for instance today, Yard Sale Buddy and I made a delivery to this Ritzy Shoppe Owner in Hanover who bought all THREE of my 20 gallon crocks plus a faux fireplace; then I went over to Claudia's to pick up this great bench with a pickety fence/birdhouse back we secured last night at an Undisclosed Location; turned out it wouldn't fit in my Jeep so she invited me to visit some MORE Undisclosed Locations with her and then delivered it to my shop. I must say in that Rally Wagon you do feel like an Antiquing Celebrity! I never thought there would be a vehicle that attracted more attention than Yard Sale Buddy's truck but sure enough Claudia's does. So anyway fast forward to my return home and I walk in, sniff-sniff... something seems different, I greeted Kenny and gingerly asked "Did you... clean?" YES he was all exuberant about it turned out he was relaxing playing his Xbox and he got distracted by what he thought was a 3rd cat hanging out in the corner (we only have 2) and it turned out it was a DUST BUNNY!

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