Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spontaneous Combustion

That's exactly what I wished for when I made a grave faux pas on the phone today! I had just left a message for Yard Sale Buddy because someone was looking for old boxing gloves; as usual the phone rang back instantly, I swear he screens his calls. Anyway I answered "Good Morning, Salvage Chic" and I hear this "ahem, yes, my name is Shane and I'm with the Pembroke Fire Department..." I cut him off mid sentence "Oh right, and you're calling to tell me how HOT I am?" (Insert long awkward pause) "Um... no... actually I'm calling to tell you about our Comedy Night Fundraiser..." Oh my god it was so NOT Yard Sale Buddy!! Talk about embarrassing. Of course now I HAD to buy an ad in the program. And if you're not busy Nov. 1st, I have 4 tickets to the show...

1 comment:

waterlille75 said...

Hi Christine, these blogs have me laughing out loud. This one is the best!
You and Yard sale buddy have so much fun, it makes me want to go dumpster diving too !
Oh by the way this is Jen
(daughter of Roberta).
We'll be in soon to say hello!
Cohasset Consignment isn't in the same league as Salvage Chic.
Salvage Chic is out of sight, as in groovy man!