Sunday, September 9, 2007

Paranoia Sets In

Sunday is always a good day in the shop because even if I don't sell much it means a visit from Mack and therefore, Excellent Blogging Material. Somehow he got wind of the folks who found my shop via a hop skip and a jump from Craigslist to My Favorite Place's website to mine and finally my Blog which drew them down to Bryantville to shop and of course they HAD to check out Never Open Antiques. Today he says all these new people are coming into his shop and when he offers them help they say "um, no thank you, just browsing", all the while casting sidelong glances at him and whispering "that's him that's the guy behind the coffee cup on the website who almost punched out Salvage Chick when she went to take pictures of his shop." I laughed it off and told him maybe he needs to ease up on the allergy meds as he is imagining things but I think maybe next Sunday I will offer folks 10% off their purchase if they agree to go over to N.O. and act squirrelly around Mack.

Now I'm off to finish plans to trick out my storefront for Halloween - HEY do you know any expert pumpkin carvers who could make me a Mack-O-Lantern?

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