Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Mayor of Pembroke

Does Pembroke even have a Mayor? Do they need one? Either way I nominate Yard Sale Buddy! I always knew he was well-liked by his neighbors despite the state of his backyard, but yesterday my eyes opened up to a whole new level of his celebrity. I was taking a mid-morning break and he said "Do you want some Banana Cake, somebody dropped some off for me." No Thanks, I gotta get back to work... keep in mind the Dumpster was blocking my view of the street and the driveway, but all day long I heard people driving by calling out greetings, commenting on the Dumpster, exclaiming over the job he was doing on my Jeep, etc. Cut to mid-afternoon and I'm taking a much needed minute in the shade and he asks "Do you want some Raspberry Cake, somebody dropped some off for me." I thought it was Banana Bread? "No, that was earlier." Somehow throughout the course of the day a slew of tomatoes and also fresh eggs made it onto his porch. All those gorgeous plants and flowers in his front yard? Given to him in the Spring by random people who bought too many. I even watched the Enterprise News Delivery Guy get out of his van in 100 degree weather and WALK PAST Yard Sale Buddy to put the paper on his porch. Do you do that for EVERYONE? I exclaimed. "Oh NO, just him."

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littlescrt said...

"Here's a toast to Yard Sale Buddy - the richest man in town!" ( It's A Wonderful Life)