Thursday, September 6, 2007

Believe It... Or Not!

I've been getting tons of questions about this Blog and whether it is Fact or Fiction! Come on, you think I could make this stuff UP?!? And if I could, would I be sitting here in Pembroke peddling curbside treasures... instead off of having lunch with Oprah and Katie Couric while discussing my latest Blockbuster? Who do you think would play me in the movie? I'm thinking maybe a brunette Drew Barrymore but they would have to give her a messier haircut. Yard Sale Buddy... I don't know. Not too many actors have perfected the Boston Accent and I don't want it to look like I hang around with Cliff Clavin so maybe we could get Matt Damon to do it. On a side note some drunk chick once told my Husband "You'd look like Matt Damon... if you were good looking" so maybe Matt could play Kenny instead and we could just do "Starring Yard Sale Buddy... as himself." For Mack we definitely need the Joker from Batman or come to think of it any comic book villain would work as long as they are short.

This lady just came in to the shop gushing about how so-and-so told her to read my Blog and then she said "You have TOO MUCH TIME on your hands!!" I couldn't figure out if she meant the adventures themselves or the writing about it... either way she's probably right!

Who's your favorite character? Who do you want to know more about? What was your favorite story? and what can you NOT BELIEVE we actually did?

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