Thursday, August 2, 2007

Extreme Makeover

WOW People are getting restless that I haven't Blogged in a while, rumors are circling about Salvage Chick having "Writer's Block" and/or being committed to rehab again for picking Yard Sale Buddy's trash... I assure you, NONE of it is true! I have just been busy Taking Care of Stuff behind the scenes during my days off. IMPORTANT Stuff like... a new Hair-do! It is a Drastic change designed to allow me to yardsale/dumpster dive for at least 2 weeks without being recognized. Even my husband did not recognize me, he said his first thoughts were "what is Posh Spice doing walking down my driveway in Halifax?" This morning Yard Sale Buddy took me over to Rockland to pick up a Fire Extinguisher for the shop, ordered by the Pembroke Fire Dept after their surprise inspection and just in time according to Yard Sale Buddy because this new haircut is "Smoking"; he was so distracted by it he missed a perfectly good Trash Pick on the way home! Don't worry, I made him turn around.

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