Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rude Awakening

The other day I was dropping off Yard Sale Buddy at his house after we visited our Hanover shop. This was a rare occurence because he almost always drives us around not only because he is obsessively proud of his truck but he is also a really nervous passenger. At least in my car. Just last week I was going 40 MPH on Route 106 and he was screaming SLOW DOWN THIS IS NOT THE INDY 500.

So anyway I pulled into his driveway and we were sitting there finishing the conversation we were having and suddenly Yard Sale Buddy's shoulders slumped and he said with total despair, "Look at My Yard". You have to read that with a waver in Ya-ard like he is about to cry. I started giggling. I'm sorry I just couldn't help it and anybody reading this who's seen Yard Sale Buddy's Yard is giggling too. I must have mumbled something like What About It or something because he went on and now he was stabbing his hands in the air "Look At It! Just Look At It!" acting like he left a Prize Rose Garden and came home to find goats eating it. I tried to tread lightly so as not to hurt his feelings so I took a deep breath and said "Well you do pride yourself on being the only 24/7 Yard Sale in Pembroke and it's not like all of this just showed up... while we were in HANOVER" and then dissolved into a fresh fit of giggles. "I mean, you must see this when YOU drive in here!" He's behaving like he's seeing his Yard Sale for the very first time and you know what his response was? "That's why I BACK in."

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