Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

and hopefully so do Good No-Bark Electric Shock Collars. Yesterday I went to this yard sale 3 doors down from my house and introduced myself to the lady who just sold her house, she has been away traveling the country in her RV. She said "Oh yes, I've seen you walking by with your baby in the stroller." Ummmm, NO. But you've probably heard my dog... She was really nice, shaking her head saying "No, No, I just hear the dog next door sometimes." Ummmm, YES, that is actually my dog 3 doors down. I have heard her from the Stop & Shop parking lot way past here so I know you can hear her. While I was shopping we were chatting about how long it took the lady to sell her house and I was commenting how it's a shame no one wants Antique Houses, my next door neighbor and the one on the other side have been on the market for a while then I joked "maybe it's me" and you know what the lady said? "Actually... it's your DOG!" then she burst out laughing. She got me good for a minute though - but that's OK I scored some Awesome Vintage Christmas Ornaments from her!

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