Friday, August 17, 2007

I felt like the Karate Kid

or better yet the Yard Sale Kid! They say every mentor's proudest moment is when they recognize that their student has surpassed them in the very subject they have been sought to teach. Since I've been studying under the tutelage of Yard Sale Buddy I've started challenging myself at Yard Sales asking "What would Yard Sale Buddy find that I am missing?" Today we stopped at a Yard Sale and there was really good stuff at very decent prices; we kept going around and around adding to our pile and just when Yard Sale Buddy was reaching for his wallet to pay I said "WAIT! What about those shutters, are they for sale?" He looked over to where I was pointing behind the Yard Sale Goods; there was a big blue tarpaulin covering stuff not for sale and it was weighted down with these great old green shutters. The woman said Sure, then she quoted a price which I thought was for ONE shutter and it turned out to be for ALL of them which was TWENTY-THREE total and let me tell you, Yard Sale Buddy's face lit up like a Christmas Tree and he just patted me on the back and shook his head in awe saying "Beat at my own game!"

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