Friday, August 3, 2007

A Hard Day's Morning

I have Beatles on the brain because Yard Sale Buddy and I went Yard Sale-ing this morning and before I tell you about our adventures let me say his taste in music needs a little broadening. After we listened to Penny Lane for the umpteenth time he says "Feel free to change the CD, there's a bunch of music in there". So I delve into the console and come up with this FAT CD wallet, there must be 50 in there, and start flipping. Greatest Hits of the Beatles... The Beatles Greatest Hits... More Great Hits of the Beatles... and HEY here's something, Songs the Beatles Didn't Even Know They Sang! Oh boy. Strawberry Fields and Beatles Forever.

The crazy thing about Yard Saleing with Yard Sale Buddy is his talent for discovering things the owners didn't even know they had, let alone consider selling. He actually tried to buy the shutters off of someone's house today and I think they were entertaining the idea until the wife said "We don't actually own the house."

We were at this inside yard sale and it was really kind of junky like the people put stickers on everything in their house in hopes of making the mortgage,i.e. 'let's see if we can get 25 cents for this half burned Yankee Candle with soot all over the jar'. So I'm gazing at all this holiday crap and Yard Sale Buddy pipes up (mind you the Homeowner is in between him and me) "HEY SALVAGE CHICK, look at this, I think we should get it for Claudia, she loves Christmas Stuff" he is holding this God-Awful Holiday Flag and I'm trying to politely say No, I think she likes more of a Vintage thing, I'm not sure that's up her alley, etc etc. He just keeps repeating himself REALLY LOUD and finally I look over and see he is silently laughing his arse off watching me suffer.

So back to his Talent at Finding Things. We go into the next room and Yard Sale Buddy sees a guy coming in through a closed door so he tries to go in there and the Owner jumps up and says "NOSORRYTHATROOM'SNOTPARTOFTHESALE... unlessyouwanttolookatoldrecords." Which of course is exactly what he likes to look at so I have to spend 20 minutes futzing around wondering Just Who Would Want to Buy Half a Bottle of Khalua? and then back comes Yard Sale Buddy with... SURE ENOUGH... a Beatles Album!!

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