Thursday, August 9, 2007

The "A" List

Well apparently I did not make the list, at least according to Booth 10 at the Hexagon House! I was over there last week checking out Claudia's 50% Off Sale and remembered #10 had this whole suitcase full of type die letters for just 25 cents each so I decided to spell out Salvage Chic. Or maybe just Slvg Chc? Where the heck were Pat and Vanna when I wanted to buy a vowel? Finally I had everything I needed except 1 A. I swear I rooted in that suitcase for a half hour and convinced myself this was a Diabolical Scheme of the Booth 10 Sisters in retaliation for exposing the fact that they stole my Yellow Pot from Yard Sale Buddy's. Or bought it... whatever! Anyway I rooted around in there for a HALF HOUR, my hands were filthy and I was sure the lady at the desk was gonna come up and charge me RENT I was there so long, and finally, TA DA... thought I came up with a lowercase a. More likely a Capital D but it works.

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