Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Help is Hard to Find

FREE HELP is even harder to find, which is why I was wicked excited when my Husband and his Dad volunteered to help with the finish work in the new space we opened up last month. At least, I THOUGHT it was free, until I finally got around to reviewing the security camera footage from that day. Doesn't this guy making off with some merchandise look alarmingly like Kenny? Come to think of it, he does have a poster just like that in his office; I will have to keep a closer eye on him. But wait, he definitely has more hair than that... must be someone else.


cfb said...

If I have been reading this blog carefully, seems as if making off with items from the shop to "try them out" in your home runs in the family.

I think I take Kenny (the wicked pissa husband)'s side on this one...

Anonymous said...

OOOH....I think that poster would have gone home with us if he hadn't gotten to it first!

Lucky Dog!!

Batman is HUGE in our house right now...let me know if any other goodies pop up!

Na na na NA na na B A T M A N !!!!!
Amy FROM Brockton