Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Slippery Slope

That being the scary stairs that lead down to the cellar in my 175 year old home:

Which, more often than not, I blindly descend carrying a mountain of laundry when what to my wondering feet should appear but...

My Brother-in-Law visited last week and got a special kick out of seeing THIS sign on the door to the cellar:

I felt a little bad because I know Kenny tries to be a role model to his younger brothers so I thought I had removed all evidence that he can be kind of an idiot. (There WAS a companion sign on the dishwasher that read "Insert Dirty Dishes Here, but luckily I got to that in time.)

Then I got to thinking, maybe there is a market for this kind of thing. Does anyone else need signs like this? I could totally make more and sell them at Salvage Chic. Hand-written, of course, so they'd be somewhat of a collectible. I could even tea-dye the paper, so it looks nice and vintage in your Country Primitive home. Hell, someone donate me a new Sharpie and I'll even make you one for free.


cfb said...

I think you have stumbled across an Etsy handmade series for sure! You should hand EMBROIDER them, and yes, tea stain them, so they have the look of an old sampler. Then artfully photograph beside a vintage blue glass bottle with one artfully placed yellow daisy and you will be on the Front Page and on your way to Etsy infamy! I would like to advance order "Pee belongs INSIDE the toilet, not IN FRONT OF the toilet."

Anonymous said...

I need one for the back of all dining chairs...


or one I learned from one of the organizing shows...that I must say often as I hear the kids say it...



EM said...

When I was a kid, my mom kept her mop bucket between the toilet and the tub in the bathroom. I used to throw trash in it and my dad would flick his cigarette ashes and butts in there.

One day she left a note that said "I am a bucket. I am not a trash can. I am not an ashtray. Put your trash in the trash can. Put your ashes in the ashtray. Do not put them in me. I am a bucket."

Your post reminded me of that. Thanks for bringing it back to mind!

mdefedele said...

Can I get one from me to my wife saying.

"If you keep changing the rules I will never learn them"
I could hang that one on my neck

or maybe one I can put on the remote that says

"I am a remote bring me to your husband"