Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Get the Flock Out of Here!

Claudia showed up this weekend with a complete Flock of Pink Flamingos and proceeded to cram them all into the old washing machine out front. They looked Wicked Cool but I was like, are you sure you want to do that? I mean we've been really lucky no one's ever taken anything off the sidewalk but I'm pretty sure if you look up "Things Screaming to be Stolen by Pranksters", you'll find this picture:

I had brief thoughts of being called on my day off and reprimanded by the Pembroke Police for aiding and abetting criminals who might wish to defile town properties with tacky lawn ornaments. Either that or my usually lenient Landlord calling to say "What the FLOCK is with the FLAMINGOS?!?"

Fast forward to today; I opened the shop back up and went out to hang the flags, pleasantly surprised to see the gaggle of flamingos intact. No sooner had I opened than a woman arrived and asked How Much for the Flamingos? "$6 each", I replied. Hmph I thought maybe that was too much since she didn't bite right away but a little while later she asked "What if I buy 12?" Ah, YEAH, I can definitely give you a better price... she and her daughter happily scooped 12 up to use as favors for a 6th birthday party.

They had barely pulled out of the parking lot when a gentleman came in and asked How Much for the Flamingos? $6 bucks... I'll take one! And as I was counting out his change he said You Know What? I Better Get Two. The screen door hadn't yet smacked upon his departure when all of a sudden in bounded another woman. Claudia saw her in the parking lot and jokingly whispered to me "how much for the flamingos?" and sure enough, the woman exclaimed "HOW MUCH FOR THE FLAMINGOS?" We about died laughing. She scampered off with two and we realized we only had four left! Make that two... you know I can't resist a kitschy garden decoration.

The other two flamingos sold within the hour to two other women who were just so delighted to hear how popular they had been, they had to have one. I only wish I had more as all day people were clamoring in saying "I saw some flamingos out front yesterday?" Sorry... All Gone!

File this under Things I Didn't Think Would Sell... or at least so quickly!!

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow's Blog: When Coonhounds Meet Flamingos. My money's on Izzy but I think the flamingos might get the better of Duff.


cfb said...

That's too funny! Love the story...it would only better if they are actually available every day at the dollar store....The power of merchandising! :-)

Katherine said...

I got quite a laugh out of this flock of a story and then...everywhere I seem to go now, there they are 'a member of the flock' appears....at a longtime girlfriends redone home -in the bushes are a couple of them. "Interesting" I say, she replies "they are a joke from back when she was a child and someone gave them to her dad"....but it just doesn't stop there, I seem to see them everywhere! Is it a new fad or is it I am just noticing them after reading your story, which by the way was really hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I Bought the 12 Flamingos! I am emailing you some pictures of my daughters birthday!